Bolt Catch Roll Pin Starter Punch from KAK Industries

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Bolt Catch Roll Pin Starter Punch

for the professional or AR15 hobbyist

When you are reassembling your AR-15, there are a few parts that just seem to give you the hardest time.  Well, we at Charlie's have the same issues, and we look for unique tools and solutions for the work we do in custom-building and assembling riles.  This tool helps to insert the roll pin that holds the bolt catch, and does it quite well, so we are featuring it here for you.

Made by an American machine shop, KAK Industries in California..  While Charlie's is not a tool shop, we do like to feature unique tools that we use in our workshop.  We especially like featuring made in America innovation.  KAK is known in the firearms industry for making solid and basic parts.  In this case, they are also making a tool. At KAK, they like to call it "Walt's Tool."  I suppose it would not be too hard to guess how that happened?  :)

Made from 304 Stainless Steel - like a surgeon's instrument - by designed by a caveman, or so KAK tells the story.  The design is simple, but rugged.  Gets the job done and KAK has been able to keep the price affordable.

Roll pins are different, and some are slotted and some are coiled, and some are phosphated steel, and some are stainless steel.  The tool is designed to accept a wide tolerance of sizes, so if your roll pin is too small, add a little grease in the tool to hold the pin, while you insert.  You only need this tool to get started.  Once in, switch to your normal roll pin punch to seat the pin in the slot.