AR15 Roll Pin Pusher / Vise from Little Crow Gunworks

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AR15 Roll Pin Pusher / Vise from Little Crow Gunworks

Charlie's loves US made tools that just work.  We are not your Ace Hardware Store for gunsmithing tools, but every now and then we find a tool that works, and that is what you find on our Web Site.

The Roll Pin Pusher From Little Crow is a small vise that helps you successfully remove the roll pin in the trigger guard.  If you have ever tried to remove the trigger guard with a punch, you probably missed.  If you are good, you still hit the trigger guard as you punched the roll pin through, and chipped off some of the black anodizing.  Why not gently turn the roll pin out instead of using brute force?  That is what the guys at Little Crow did.  Not brain surgery, just a better mouse trap, and one we use at Charlie's.  There are others, but the Little Crow vise has the strength need to not bend.  

Pocket-sized tool helps prevent breaking the trigger guard tab or marring lower receiver finish when installing or removing the roll pin. Tool fully supports trigger guard tab while slowly pushing the roll pin in or out of its channel. Includes steel alignment pin and push pin to aid in roll pin removal and installation.

The Little Crow Gunworks tool makes swapping or installing a new trigger guard a quick and easy process. Since the tool slowly pushes the trigger guard roll pin in and out of it's channel, there is no more fear of breaking off a lower receiver "ear" due to insufficient support while hammering in a roll pin. The durable tool is constructed of aluminum and steel, with a 1/5/8" thermoplastic ball handle.

Made in the USA.