Surefire Warden Conversion to Bravo Universal Suppressor Adapter - Shop Service

Requires Your Surefire Warden:
see Charlie's team for shipping instructions

Shop Service:  Surefire Suppressor Adapter Converted from Surefire Warden

This is not a product - This is the shop service

Universal adapters are extremely popular with more modern suppressors, where the back end of the suppressor is open with an internal threaded part to which adapters, including direct thread, Dead Air muzzle adapters, Rearden muzzle adapters, etc. are inserted to form a custom back end to a popular suppressor, like one from Dead Air, Energetic Armament, Silencerco, Ecco Machine and many others.

This service takes your Surefire Warden and mills it down and adds strength to the Warden to create a muzzle adapter which accepts Surefire SOCOM muzzle devices, which are extremely popular and allows the end to be inserted into an industry standard 1-3/8" - 24 thread pattern, also known as a universal adapter, a Bravo or an ASR adapter.

Note:  THIS IS SHOP SERVICE ONLY.  This is not a product.  You must either purchase a Warden (black), or send us a new in box, perfectly ready to resell Warden.  You will get instructions when you purchase.

Offered in black trim.  Other colors by special order.

Ordering note:  If ordering other goods, this order needs to be its own order with nothing else in the cart.  If also purchasing a Warden, make that purchase in a separate order.