Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP Tremor3 MRAD CCW DT/ST Riflescope - Black

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Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP Tremor3 MRAD CCW DT/ST Riflescope

DT/ST Turrets - Black

The Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope stands out in its class, delivering unmatched precision and reliability. This riflescope, the undisputed leader in the PM II series, is embraced worldwide by police, military, and competition shooters, illustrating its formidable reputation. It has been developed in close collaboration with various Special Forces, making it a testament to the highest performance standards. Winning the American Special Forces' Precision Sniper Rifle competition in 2011 only cemented its esteemed position in the industry.


  • Legendary PMII 5-25x Performance
  • DT Dual Turn Elevation Turret with subzero clicks and revolution indicator
  • ST Single Turn Windage Turret
  • Horus Tremor3 reticle
  • Matte Black
  • CCW American turret design

Optimized for Versatility and High Performance, the 5-25x56 PM II stands out with its large magnification range, ensuring its versatility and superior performance. It's an ideal scope whether you're shooting short, medium, or ultra-long distances.  With its benchmark-setting optical quality, this riflescope offers an exceptional viewing range of over 6500 feet. Enjoy the perfect shot with the 5-25x56 PM II.

Robust and sturdy, the mechanical reliability of the 5-25x56 PM II model makes it a preferred choice among professionals demanding nothing but the best.  Offering a vast range of customizable options, you can tailor the 5-25x56 PM II to meet your precise needs and preferences.

Horus Tremor3 Reticle – Precision Redefined

The Tremor3 reticle is popular with marksmen in all fields. The 0.2 mil Horus Grid and patented Rapid Range bars enable speedy range estimation and holds on the fly. Situated on the first focal plane, the Tremor3 reticle maintains its proportions relative to the target at all magnifications, giving shooters increased accuracy at various distances.

Uncompromising Build Quality and Design Built to Last

Every inch of the Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II riflescope screams quality. With a weight of 37.57 oz and a length of 16.54 inch, this scope strikes the perfect balance between portability and robustness. It's designed to withstand the harshest conditions, reflecting Schmidt & Bender's relentless pursuit of perfection.

Superior Light Transmission.  The 5-25x56 PM II promises excellent light transmission up to 90%, ensuring a clear, bright view even in low-light conditions. Its illuminated reticle enhances visibility, giving you the confidence to aim with precision, no matter the environment.

Tactile Turret Adjustments:  The riflescope features the classic and reliable DT (Dual Turn) elevation turret and the ST (Single Turn) windage turret. These provide tactile feedback and precise adjustments, guaranteeing the perfect alignment for every shot.

The Schmidt & Bender 5-25x PM-II offers parallax adjustment from 10m to infinity, helping shooters avoid potential aiming errors, especially at long distances.  With a comfortable eye relief of 3.54", the 5-25x56 PM II riflescope ensures maximum viewing comfort and safety, allowing for long shooting sessions without eye strain.

Matte Black Finish

The riflescope is anodized matte black.

Quality Assurance

Schmidt & Bender, a trusted name since 1957, is synonymous with quality and precision. With the 5-25x56 PM II riflescope, you get the best of Schmidt & Bender's rich tradition and cutting-edge innovation. This scope will exceed your expectations, as it has done for countless professionals and shooting enthusiasts worldwide.


QUESTION: What makes the Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II riflescope unique?

ANSWER:  The Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II riflescope offers unparalleled optical quality and mechanical reliability. It's developed with input from Special Forces and professional shooters, making it a popular choice among military and police units.

QUESTION: What is the magnification range of the Schmidt & Bender 5-25 riflescope?

ANSWER:  The 5-25PM II offers a magnification range of 5-25x, making it suitable for shooting over short, medium, long, and ultra-long distances.

QUESTION: What is the Reticle on this S&B scope?

ANSWER:  The Horus Tremor3 Reticle is a mil-based reticle From Horus Vision that is very popular among precision shooters. It features a 0.2 mil Horus Grid and patented Rapid Range bars for quick holds and range estimation.  Horus reticles are well known for mil-rad hold-overs for action shots.  There is some similarity to the H59 reticle, also a Horus product.

QUESTION: What is the weight of the Schmidt & Bender PM II?

ANSWER:  This scope comes in at 37.6 ounces, balancing durability and convenience.

Former British Master Sniper, Frank Fletcher from Optics Warehouse talks about why he prefers the Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 PM II.


Weight 37.57 oz
Length 16.54"
Magnification Range 5-25x
Objective Diameter 56mm
Main Tube Diameter 34mm
Turret Adjustment (Click Value)     0.1 mrad CCW
Elevation Turret Details 26 MRAD DT
Windage Turret Details ± 6MRAD ST
Parallax Adjustment 10m - infinity
Focal Plane First
Reticle Horus Tremor3
Field of View 5.3-1.5m @ 100m
Exit Pupil 11.0–2.3mm
Eye Relief 3.54"
Twilight Factor 15.8 - 31.6
Light Transmission 90%
Illuminated Reticle Yes
Finish Black
Scope Turret Rotation Counter Clockwise (CCW)

MPN: 689-911-552-90-68

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