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ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-) 10-TK: The All-Encompassing Tool for Rugged Suppressors

Versatility Meets Durability in Suppressor Maintenance

Our friends at Warren Innovative Technologies, otherwise known as have created a myriad of tools to solve simple problems, and they have done with polymer 3D printing and solid out of the box thinking.  Well, Chase at Suppressor Tools has expended his popular #10 Obsidian Kit to the 10-TK wrench, which covers just about anything Rugged.  Chase says "TK" is for Total Kit, but it also looks like a Totem Pole.  LOL.

The 10-TK stands as a definitive all-in-one maintenance tool designed specifically for the comprehensive range of Rugged suppressor models. Building upon the foundational qualities of the "Totem" kit, the 10-TK, or "Total Kit," surpasses its predecessor by offering compatibility with any 1/2" square socket drive. This added feature integrates seamlessly with the distinct square plastic tube packaging of Rugged products, highlighting both convenience and functionality.

Cohesive Design With Multi-Functional Capabilities:

In an advanced display of engineering, the 10-TK provides a neatly labeled spanner arrangement simplifying the assembly and disassembly of various suppressor components:

  • Accommodates 9MM and 45ACP 3-Lug configurations.
  • Aligns with the front cap of the Obsidian series and offers a 1/2" square socket drive.
  • Serves for the Obsidian Piston Retainer and direct thread mounts.
  • Matches the Oculus Front Cap design.
  • Engages with rifle suppressor front caps, notably those with a larger six-pointed geometry.
  • Designed for the Flash Hider Front Caps used in 5.56mm and 7.62mm suppressors.

A dedicated "Dummy Cord" loop is also integrated, providing the option to secure the tool with a lanyard for added security and convenience.

Innovations for Practicality and Endurance:

The 10-TK is both cost-effective and practical, forged to eschew the risk of lost components while remaining accessible to users of all ages. Crafted meticulously from rugged, chopped carbon fiber reinforced nylon, this robust tool is tailor-made to order, necessitating only an additional day for production – exemplifying's commitment to quality and patience for craftsmanship.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Compatibility with standard 1/2" square drive handles enables versatility and the capacity to exert significant torque.
  • Manufactured with superior chopped carbon fiber reinforced nylon, providing unparalleled durability compared to standard 3D printed tools.
  • Durable yet gentle, ensuring no harm comes to mounts or front caps during maintenance.
  • Accommodates storage on readily available hardware strips, featuring detents on all square sides.

Continuous Improvement and Customer-Centric Focus:

At, the belief in perpetual enhancement led to the conception of the 10-TK, a toolkit embracing the essence of full-size wrenches with pivotal distinctions crafted after extensive contemplation. A unique numbering system reflecting compatibility, such as with Kraken/Mod9 or Omega 9K/45K, allows for undemanding tool identification. Updates to these correspondences are as simple as revisiting the list provided on the website.

Customers will also find a discrete web address inscribed on each tool, reducing the visual branding to meet customer preferences while offering the option for customized laser engraving upon request.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatibility: All Rugged Suppressor Models
  • Material: Chopped Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon
  • Drive Compatibility: 1/2" Square Socket
  • Durability: High-Torque Endurance, Soft Vise Jaw Friendly
  • Additional Features: Lanyard Loop, User-Friendly Identification System
  • Guarantee: Replacement Warranty on Breakage
  • Manufactuer's Model Number:  10-TK

Experience the convenience, durability, and precision of the 10-TK, the ultimate toolkit for Rugged suppressor owners looking to maintain their equipment with ease and assurance. This advanced tool is engineered for long-lasting service, made to facilitate the care of your suppressor without causing wear or damage.