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Dead Air Odessa 9 Multi-Tool and Wrench

Specifically made for the Dead Air's modular 9mm pistol silencer.

Our friends at Warren Innovative Technologies, otherwise known as have created a myriad of tools to solve simple problems.  Many of their tools are 3-D printed polymers and nylon, but this is a stamped metal wrench set.  No one material does it all.

The Odessa9 from Dead Air is a very modular suppressor. But, this requires wrenches and end cap tools. The factory wrenches leave a bit to be desired. So, Suppressor Tools designed a wrench set that is laser cut from stainless steel then powder coated. In addition to fitting the baffles, they have end cap tools built in.

At Charlie's, we are not your Ace Hardware Store, but we enjoy bringing you innovation from small manufacturers and tools for the shop that make sense.  If you have an Obsidian, you need this tool.


  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Integrated end cap tools
  • Includes reusable zip tie to keep them together