Q Plan-B mount for Silencerco Suppressors

$149.00 - $179.00
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q-2.0-blue-150px.jpg  Q Plan-B Mount for Silencerco Suppressors

Expect the unexpected from Kevin Brittingham and his team at Q.  Innovation, Bravado, BAM - in your face.  This is the answer to what happens when you buy a Q suppressor, and you also have some legacy suppressors from Silencerco.  That's right, you only need one mount, the Cherry Bomb from Q, and Plan-B will fit in your legacy suppressor colleciton.

As you’d expect, Q accomplishes this task by utilizing tapers on both the Cherry Bomb and the Plan-B mount.  This provides a better lock-up thanks to increased surface area, guarantees improved alignment of your silencer, and protects your threads from carbon exposure.  No shims, washers, latches, springs, gimmicks, or timing of the muzzle device required!



Available in two models:

Plan-B: OMEGA: SilencerCo Omega 300, Harvester Big Bore 338 & Hybrid | Dead Air Nomad | Energetic Armament VOX
Plan-B: SAKER: SilencerCo Saker 7.62, Saker 5.56, Saker 5.56 K & Chimera 300


WEIGHT: 1.85 oz.
MATERIAL & COATING: Heat Treated 17-4 Stainless Steel
MOUNT:  Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake
REQUIRED TOOLS: SilencerCo provided tools