Silencerco Pistol Suppressor Pistons

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Silencerco Pistol Suppressor Pistons

Your choice of caliber - Nielsen Device pistons for Silencerco and compatible suppressors.

Many people don't realize how complicated handguns can be. Timing isn't just for engines. Changing too much can cause malfunctions. One hurdle that had to be conquered to reliably suppress handguns was how to deal with the mass added to the barrel. This problem was solved with the invention of the Nielsen Device, also known as a muzzle or recoil booster. A Nielsen device uses a spring and piston to decouple the mass of the silencer from the barrel for the fractions of a second needed to let the barrel move as the action cycles. The spring then brings the barrel and silencer back together as the action locks up and the gun is ready for the next shot. How they work is often misunderstood, but pistons are a very necessary part of the suppressed pistol equation. They are more than simple thread adapters.

Silencerco pistons are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and heat treated. This ensures durability and a long service life. Silencerco pistons fit all Silencerco pistol suppressors as well as the Dead Air Odessa 9, Rugged Obsidian, YHM pistol silencers, and others sharing the same pattern.

Silencerco Piston Thread Pitch Guide

 NOTE: The 5/8X24 piston is only for use with subsonic .300 Blackout and must be used with a fixed barrel spacer.