TangoDown Vertical Grip FDE

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Brand: Tango Down
Product Type: Rail Grip and Attachments

Product Description

TangoDown Vertical Grip FDE

NSN# 1010-01-536-4707 (FDE)

The Vertical Foregrip that started it all. The BGV-MK46 has become the standard for US Military small arms, offering levels of utility previously unseen in this type of product. Rugged ergonomic design is complimented by premium heat and impact-modified injection molded polymers for long mission life.

The BGV-MK46 is at home on MK18s, M4s & M16s as it is on M32 40mm grenade launchers & MK 48 MOD 1 belt-fed machine guns.

Charlie's likes this one on the Block 2 M4A1.  


  • Dual Locking Bar Mounting System compatible with authentic MIL-STD 1913 rails
  • Integrated Pressure Switch Pocket for Surefire™ Brand Products with Cover
  • Waterproof internal storage compartment with o-ringed screw cap
  • Grip Chips™ supplied


Made in USA