Cadex Unitized Scope Mount


Brand: Cadex
Product Type: Scope Mount

Product Description

Cadex Unitized Scope Mount

Cadex's Unitized Scope Ring provides a rock-solid mount for sniper optics, with multiple applications for flat-top ARs and bolt action rifles.

  • CNC machined for precise alignment of the front and rear scope bearing surfaces.
  • The base incorporates a high grade steel cross lug and nuts to secure the ring to the weapon rail.
  • The dovetail is machined to fit all Mil Std M1913 rails.
  • Unitized body ensures that the scope is secured with no twisting of the optical tube assembly and no shifting under recoil.
  • Customers may request different ring diameters and heights to fill their  particular requirements
  • R2 rear scope ring:  Bubble level rear scope ring. Allows the operator to level the gun to eliminate possible cant errors.
  • F2 front scope ring:  Picatinny top rail