Arken Optics Scope Bubble Level Anti-Cant Riflescope Mounting Kit

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Arken Optics Scope Bubble Level Anti-Cant Riflescope Mounting Kit

Easy to Install, offered in both 30mm and 34mm sizes

When precision is paramount and accuracy is non-negotiable, you need the Arken Optics Scope Bubble Level. As an indispensable tool for long-range shooting, this anti-cant device ensures your scope's perfect alignment for every shot, thereby maximizing your shooting accuracy.

Crafted for both novice and seasoned shooters, the Arken Bubble Level makes scope alignment easy, whether you're setting up or actively shooting. Its clamp-on design facilitates a quick and hassle-free installation process on your scope tube, without the need to remove it from the rifle.


  • Scope Bubble Level Indicator for 30mm or 34mm scope
  • Ultra Light and Compact Design for ultimate accuracy
  • Fully CNC machined scope level using Aircraft grade 6061-T Aluminum to achieve the highest level of precision
  • Newly Designed bubble level indicator with center point indicator for much more visible view
  • Guaranteed to fit all modular rail systems due to its unique design
  • Arken quality with an affordable price tag

The Arken Scope Bubble Level is engineered with the precision shooter in mind. Utilizing a bubble level indicator with a distinctive center point, it eliminates guesswork and provides an unambiguous visual reference. This crucial feature enables you to immediately correct any tilts to the left or right, assuring a level shot at all times and enhancing your success in precision rifle series (PRS) and extreme long-range (ELR) shooting.

Sturdy, yet lightweight, this anti-cant device is made from aircraft-grade 6061-T Aluminum, ensuring durability and resilience. Its compact and ultra-light design, weighing just 0.4 Oz, ensures it won't weigh your rig down or disrupt the balance of your rifle.

Incorporating a unique one-piece construction, the Arken Scope Bubble Level is designed for ambidextrous use. It's low profile, yet easily visible, allowing you to monitor the bubble without losing your sight picture.

Despite being designed in the USA and manufactured in Asia, Arken maintains strict quality control, guaranteeing a product that aligns with the highest American standards.

Make every shot count with the Arken Optics Scope Bubble Level. When precision shooting is your goal, don't let canting errors compromise your accuracy. Equip your rifle with Arken and experience the true power of precision.