A.R.M.S. folding front sight #41 B-L-P for SAM-R


Brand: ARMS
Product Type: Upper Parts

Product Description

A.R.M.S. folding front sight #41 B-L-P for SAM-R

We have a few different versions of this classic ARMS sight. This is by far the most desirable. It has the bayonet lug, and is permanently pinned in-place by a competent gunsmith. This is not a do-it-yourself-er. This is New Old Stock, which is no longer produced. It is new, in great shape, and one of my favorite front sights. I use this on the SAM-R, because I am not spending $1,000 of your money for a KAC front sight, when this one is better, and looks very similar.

  • Bayonet Lug
  • Pinned (must be installed by gunsmith)

New, in factory packaging.

This item requires gunsmith installation.  Charlie's brings you the real deal.  This needs to be drilled and pinned by a qualified gunsmith.

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