Pin and Weld Muzzle Device Shop Service

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Pin and Weld Muzzle Device

Charlie's Shop Service for barrels

For barrels under 16", this will pin and weld a muzzle device permanently to the barrel, to allow for a 16" street legal barrel to be assembled into the rifle.  Please check with Charlie's sales team prior to finalizing this order, or use this service when instructed by a CCC team member.  Often times a team member will guide you to select this service, along with a flash hider or break and barrel or complete upper receiver.  Put each item into your cart and check out.


As you may know, US Federal Law requires that a rifle have a barrel length of 16" or greater, or that rifle must be registered with the ATF as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR), under the National Firearms Act.  Registering an NFA item includes an extended background check, a $200 tax fee, and a few months of waiting time to have a legal SBR.  Many firearms enthusiasts, especially military clone rifle fans like the 14.5" barrel found on the M4A1 carbine and other military rifles.  By permanently welding a flash hider or muzzle device to the barrel, the barrel length for legal purposes will include the length of the muzzle device.  Working with Charlie's, we will take your 13.7" to 14.5" barrel and have it pinned with a muzzle device permanently attached to give you a barrel over 16" and making it "street legal" without the special need of NFA registration and taxes.

Generally speaking, we can use an extended A2 flash hider, Daniel Defense extended flash hider, and most suppressor mounting devices, like those from Rearden, Surefire and Dead Air.  Most often the Knights Armament muzzle devices are not long enough on a 14.5" barrel to mount and pin and achieve greater than 16" without using some extra spacers, which is not recommended.

Charlie's uses the best pin and weld methods, and we actually send this out to a specialist, and will send your barrel along with others, as we build 14.5" pin and welded upper receiver groups every week.

Turn around time for pin and weld service is around 3 weeks.  If you are sending us parts, add another week to that estimate.  If we are assembling a complete upper for you, add another 2 weeks, and allow for busy times, like Holidays and also vacations.  Your CCC team member can give you a live estimate.

Our fee includes shipping the barrel and muzzle device to our specialty shop and returning to Charlie's.  If you are sending parts to us, confirm that ahead of time, and you are responsible for shipping to us.

Note:  we used a stock pic for the service here, but your barrel will be done so well, that your weld will be blackened, and you will have to look close for a weld mark.