Nightforce X-Treme Duty Rail Accessory Platform - Improved (RAP-I) for 30mm or 34mm rings, Black

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Nightforce X-Treme Duty Rail Accessory Platform - Improved (RAP-I) for 30mm or 34mm Rings, Black

Top Picatinny rail to add to NF scope mount for laser rangefinding and illumination

The X-Treme Duty Rail Accessory Platform - Improved (RAP-I) is designed mount for Laser Range Finders (LRFs), as an addition to a Nightfore one-piece mount or ring set. This platform, available in both 30mm and 34mm diameters, offers a unique solution to mount LRFs above the front ring of your riflescope.

Nightforce's RAP-I stands out with its skeletonized, truss-like design that ensures superior rigidity. The military-grade construction guarantees point-of-impact retention of LRFs even under extreme conditions. Its robust build coupled with precision engineering makes it an ideal choice for long-range precision shooting setups.

Key Features

Mounting Capability: Designed specifically to accommodate Laser Range Finders above the front ring of riflescopes.
Robust Design: Skeletonized truss-like structure ensures unmatched rigidity and durability.
Impact Retention: Superior point-of-impact retention capability for reliable performance.
Compatibility: Includes MultiMount ring cap allowing mounting on Nightforce’s UltraMount, Unimount, 4-screw Xtreme Duty rings, and 6-screw Xtreme Duty rings.

Weighing less than four (4) ounces with the MultiMount cap included, this lightweight accessory doesn't compromise on strength or functionality. Whether you're using it on a Picatinny rail or attaching it directly to your scope using NF's proprietary mounts like UltraMount or Unimount; installation is straightforward and secure.

Available in black anodized finish with your choice of 30mm or 34mm ring diameter, the RAP-I not only adds practicality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your setup.

In essence, whether you are building a clone rifle following military specifications or setting up a high-performance civilian long-range shooting system; Nightforce’s Rail Accessory Platform provides an efficient way to integrate laser rangefinders and illuminators into your equipment seamlessly without compromising on rigidity or point-of-impact retention. Its compatibility with various Nightforce mounts and its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it a reliable addition to your shooting gear.