Nightforce UltraMount 34mm Military Grade Scope Mount with Top Rail in FDE

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Nightforce UltraMount Military Grade with Top Rail in FDE

Mk22 mount

Or, the Mk22 Nightforce Scope Mount

This combo combines a 20 MOA 34mm UltraMount with the top "rail accessory platform" or RAP-i.

Designed to meet the stringent standards of elite units, the Nightforce UltraMount was selected by US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the ASR, S-VPS, R-VPS, and P-VPS riflescope programs. Whether you wish to utilize this hard use mount on a gas or bolt gun, the UltraMount provides a repeatable, solid option using titanium, aluminum, and steel to achieve a balance of rigidity, weight, and strength.  The 20 MOA 34mm Ultramount is Nightforce part number A696

The top rail RAP-i is designed for mounting laser range finders, and occaisionaly illumination devices.  The RAP-i includes the MultiMount ring cap that allows the RAP-i to be mounted on the Nightforce UltraMount.

This Military clone-correct model is assembled by Charlie's Custom Clones from 100% Nightforce parts, which have been engraved to meet military specs for torque and the numbers for which screws get tightened first in rotation.  This particular mount has been fielded on the Mk22 ASR sniper rifle, but other weapons systems also have similar mounts.

Note on anodized colors:  The actual colors of the NF scope mounts will vary a bit from a golden brown to a sand color, and since the top rail and the core mount were made in different batches, expect some color variation.  Also, annodized tan colors are some of the hardest to portray correctly online, as many factors, like studio lighting, white balance, exposure and post-photo editing all cause slight distortion in the actual color tone.  Color has not been touched up or changed.  The anodized color is 100% Nightforce factory.

photos courtesy of Potomac Armory and Alex Rusanov