Mil-Spec Barrel Nut for AR-15/M4/M16

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Mil-Spec Barrel Nut for AR-15/M4/M16

Standard multi-toothed barrel nut, made in the USA from high quality tool steel.

The Potomac Armory steel Barrel Nut is a replacement part for the AR-15 as well as M4 and M16 rifles, made to strict military specifications. This high quality component provides excellent fit and reliable function. Many barrels come with a barrel nut, but if you need a solid barrel nut, or perhaps you wore the teeth out of your barrel nut, this is a military grade, made in USA part. Pretty basic, until you realize that you need one.


  • High tensile steel alloy
  • Durable phosphate finish
  • Built to Military Specifications
  • Functions Reliably
  • Made in USA - not a cheap Asian import

A word on Parts at Charlie's. We offer small parts like this, not to be the small parts store, but for our customers who are making other purchases and find they need the essentials. We try to price our parts competitively, and, as a small workshop that mostly builds rifles and upper receiver, we have lots of parts. But, likewise, our cost structure is such that you will pay more for buying one part, as our handling and shipping costs are not setup for selling that one specific part.