Leupold Tripod Shooting Saddle

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Leupold Tripod Shooting Saddle


Ready to mount on any tripod.

The Leupold Shooting Saddle is ready to mount to most any tripod with a screw head. The Shooting Saddle will accept 3/8-18 and 1/4-20 screw heads which sit at the top of a bipod. This is the poors answer to ARCA. lol.

For the shooter who relies upon long range precision, the more stable one's position, the more accurate the shot. Leupold’s Shooting Saddle is an ultra-light, tripod-mounted rifle rest that delivers the stability, speed, and versatility for accuracy in any position.

Constructed of glass reinforced polymer, its high-density resin construction is as rigid and strong as an aluminum saddle but without all the weight. The rapid-turn knob allows for smooth, single-handed operation that puts the shooter into position quickly. Tracking moving targets is effortless by panning or tilting with a turn of the wrist. The Shooting Saddle is solid, and fast and versatile. Not dependent upon a specific tripod head or an ARCA rail.­ The Shooting Saddle will mount it to any tripod, and it fits nearly every rifle on the market–even those without an ARCA-swiss adaptor. This design has been tested in extreme climate conditions and is guaranteed to be completely waterproof.


Leupold Tripod Shooting Saddle
Material Glass Reinforced Resin
Weight (oz) 10.2
Leg Diameter Max (mm) 83
Leg Diameter Min (mm) 28
Manufacturer's Part Number    181303

Photos courtesy of Leupold & Stevens and Buck Doyle.