Knights Armament KAC M4 RAS, "Vero Beach," used Low to Medium Grade

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Knights Armament KAC M4 RAS -used

Vero Beach medium grade C+ / C- vintage rails

At Charlie's we build a number of rifle uppers with KAC parts.  Our inventory of new old stock is divided into two groups:  The stock that we use for builds and the the stock that is vintage, and often made in Vero Beach, FL early in the life of Knights. 

The rails in this catagory are very worn, with Picitinny rail sections scraped down to the white aluminum.  If it were not for being a Vero Beach rail, we would call these "beaters."  Some rails might have been painted, and the paint removed.  This is usually not big deal, as most end-users will either paint the rail or put KAC rail covers on the rails.  The lower rails are in much better shape.  It is not unusual for operators to replace the lower rails.

This is Vero Beach, FL stock. The inside of the rail is labeled, "Vero Beach," and is considered by many to have collectible value, as Vero Beach was the early days of Knights and will have build dates in the early 2000s.

Pictures are representative of the item you will receive.  At Charlie's we pride ourselves on very conservative grading, which means that customers have come to trust our assessment of used items, blems and demo items, as we want our customers  to be pleasantly surprised at the condition of the product.


  • Upper rail
  • Lower rail
  • no rail covers are included.