Knights Armament KAC M4 RAS, "Vero Beach" - FDE, reconditioned

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Knights Armament KAC M4 RAS, "Vero Beach" - FDE, reconditioned

Used RAS rails which have been reconditioned

These are 100% Knights Armament, Titusville old stock rails, removed from well-used rifles, and reconditioned, stripped and coated in Cerakote FDE.  Charlie's bought a batch of surplus rails, and filed down major blems, and striped them of their anodizing by media blasting and then Cerakoted in FDE.  We removed all the hardware, and then reassembled the fixtures (not shown in pictures).  The underside of the top rail has been saved to show the Knights markings, date, Vero Beach, Florida manufactured.  The rails will have screws, but not the retaining clip.  The quality is about a solid B.  You will be able to see blemishes, nicks, etc. if you look hard, but these look damn good.  If you had seen what they looked like before, you might have called them beaters, but they are in good shape.  Especially once you get new rails on.

For military "clone" rifle enthusiasts, building a Mk18 or M4A1 Block 1, having Vero Beach means something, if one is looking for period correct before 2004.  Charlie's also has Knights Titusville RAS rails as well

Note:  In stripping the RAS rails, the T-marks were removed, as they were not engraved, but only laser etched.  So, no T-marks.

Note:  Included is only the upper and lower quad rail.  The rail covers shown in one picture are sold separately.  If you are interested in FDE rails, you can find them here:  KAC FDE rails covers