HK MP5 Semi Auto Rebuilt by Black Ops Defense with Folding Brace

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HK MP5 Semi Auto Rebuilt by Black Ops Defense with Folding Brace

HK MP5-F Semi Auto 9mm Rebuilt with Folding Brace

classic custom rebuilt from MP5  full-auto German and American parts.  We are drooling at Charlie's

This is a class job from parts.  Originial barrel and original as much as we could get.  That which is not original is new HK, and when the craftsmen at Black Ops could not get HK parts, they used American clone parts.  Customers have been asking for HK, and we did not want to start something that was new, so we went to the experts who do this everyday.  They added an SB Tactical pistol brace that folds, and bam !  Baddass gun is here.


Three lug adapter makes it ready for a suppressor.  Yours as a pistol, or Form 1 it for an SBR, and swap for a folding stock.  This is a fun gun, and priced to shoot it.  The gunsmiths at Black Ops Defense specialize in rebuilding HK pistols and rifles. 

  • Pistol, not an SBR, no tax stamp needed
  • Latest version of the MP5, as updated by HK for the French Police
  • SB Tactical folding pistol brace included
  • built using all HK Factory parts.  (HK MKp-F parts kit)
  • Receiver is built by Black Ops Defense using the highest quality LSC receiver flats
  • Accurate alignment, welds, finish and craftsmanship - like the original HK factory guns
  • F type bolt group, cocking handle, magazine release and ambi sling swivel
  • Ambi lower grip frame with full auto markings (operates only in semi-auto mode) with HK semi-gloss Duracote finish
  • 3-lug muzzle