FN forged military upper receiver "F" mrk (with hardware)


FN forged military upper receiver "F" mrk (with hardware)

with receiver hardware

for sale is an FN upper receiver, with a forged "F" mark. M4 marked at gas tube entrance. M4 feed-ramps. T-marks engraved, but not painted. This is something not often seen. Also, the quality of the finish is a work of art. No imperfections normally found on forged uppers. 

This is a perfect upper for a military clone build. Very high quality. FNH and Colt, as well as LMT and Knights Armament served as the backbone of Charlie's Custom Clones US military’s upper and lower receivers. Amongst those who know, FNH is well respected. In addition to building the upper and lower receivers for the M16 and M4 family, FNH also is the leading barrel manufacturer for the military and to other brands, using buttoned rifling for the M16, and CHF double chrome lining for the M240 machine gun. Many of the most popular commercial AR15 brands on the market, using cold hammer forged barrels get their barrels from FNH. This is where quality begins.

 This receiver is complete, with forward assist and dust cover