Dead Air Xeno adapter insert for Nomad Suppressor Universal mount

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Dead Air Xeno adapter insert for Nomad Suppressor Universal mount

The Xeno fits the Dead Air Xeno flash hider and is inserted inside the Nomad, as well as the VOX, Omega, Rex Silentium, JK Armament and others with an univeral fit

Well, Dead Air specializes in great design and innvoation.  Innovation, sometimes, like here with the Xeno is simple.  But simplicity is sometimes fantastic.  Here, Mike Pappas mirrors Steve Jobs, and creates great but simple design. 

This is new in December, 2020.

Pappas, like other innovators is quite the personality.  Pappas has made a decision to invest in design and then outsource the manufacture of his suppressors and adapters to companies which excel at quality, Lean, Six Sigma and discipline to specification and tollerances.  Charlie's agrees.  The best designers and architects are not often the best at engineering and manufacturing excellence, so we see this a great management decision.  Hat's off.  Mike.  Simpler is better.

Here, we have Dead Air's design and execution of a common industry insert.  Yes, marketing will tell you this is for the Nomad, and it is.  But the brilliance in this design which brings to market an simple A2 style muzzle device, counter threaded to be compact and thread into this insert, and this insert then fits the Nomad, the Silencerco Omega, the Energetic Armament VOX, Rex Silentium and other suppressors which have adopted the defacto industry standard insert at 1-3/8" x 24 pitch internal thread design.

The Xeno Adapter from Dead Air allows any silencer with a "Bravo" style mounting system to be quickly and securely installed to one of their new Xeno muzzle devices.  The threaded taper mounting design is tried and true, being a staple in the silencer industry for years. With the Xeno, Dead Air add very little in additional weight to the silencer.  The Xeno has thee benefit of a quick disconnect system, without any additional parts or points of mechanical failure.

The Xeno Adapter is for use with Dead Air Xeno Flash Hider and Xeno Muzzle Brakes.  Click here for the 5.56mm Xeno Flash Hider

  • SilencerCo Omega 300
  • SilencerCo Harvester 338
  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46
  • Energetic Armament Vox S , Vox K
  • Dead Air Nomad-30
  • Dead Air Nomad-L
  • Dead Air Nomad-Ti
  • Rex Silentium family of Suppressors
  • JK Armament "build your own" suppressor

The Dead Air Xeno Adapter quick detach taper mount for  1-3/8×24 threaded suppressors.


  • Dead Air Xeno Flash Hider, 1/2×28
  • Dead Air Xeno Flash Hider, 5/8×24
  • Dead Air Xeno Muzzle Brake, 1/2×28
  • Dead Air Xeno Muzzle Brake, 5/8×24


  • Weight:  2 oz
  • External Thread Pitch:  1-3/8" x 24 pitch
  • Length:  1-1/8"
  • Outer Diameter:  1.55"
  • Material:  4140 Steel HT QPQ black nitride
  • 1-1/8" socket and 1-1/2" spanner compatible