Daniel Defense Mk18 upper receiver

Discontinued by Manufacturer, we get a few in from time to time. When available, ships within 3 days +/-
Extremely Limited Production and Availabilty:
if out of stock, we might have more in the future

Daniel Defense Mk18 Upper Receiver

This is a new receiver that is a "take-off" from a factory rifle or URG.  This one has the DD Mk18 logo, and is high sought after.

Note: your receiver might vary from what is in the picture, as we have seen both Mk18 and DD Mk18, but this is not the Daniel Defense (only) marking.  This product is seldom available, but from time to time, based upon market conditions and the availability of the complete upper receiver and rifle, this is made available.  It is somewhat unique, and the cost of providing only the receiver is actually quite high, as the availability of the other upper components make separating the upper pretty uneconomical, compared with providing a full upper.  So, no apologies on the cost.  From Charlie's standpoint, we would recommend a diffferent receiver, but the truth is there is a long waitlist for these, so we do make them available from time to time.

Note:  We also have the Daniel Defense logo upper receivers.  Both are identical in construction, just different labeling.