Colt M4A1 SOCOM Carbine Rifle, "Property of U.S. Govt" Stamped, 14.5" pinned barrel, factory new LE6920SCOM

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Colt M4A1 SOCOM Carbine, with M4A1 lower


This is the Colt M4A1 carbine rifle, in semi-automatic, with the US Government Property markings, Colt Factory model LE6920SOCOM

Features a 14.5" barrel:  heavy SOCOM profile, with a 1.6" factory pinned and welded extended A2 Colt flash hider.  Since the barrel is pinned and welded, this is NOT a short-barreled rifle (SBR), not an NFA item, requiring a special tax stamp.  This is street legal.

Note:  This rifle was originally introduced in 2018 and sold very well in 2018 and part of 2019.  Some limited production rifles are being reissued in late 2021.  The 2021 vintage will be very close to the same as the 2019 production, with laser engraved lowers, and not rollmarked, as in 2018.  Additionally, minor changes have been made to the trigger in 2021, but all functionality appears to be the same.

  • Colt factory M4A1 SOCOM carbine, matched upper and lower receiver, direct from Colt
  • 14.5" Colt SOCOM barrel, factory pinned and welded at the factory to 16.1" with an extended A2 muzzle device; CAGE Code rollmarked barrel, factory configured in the upper receiver.
  • Colt M4A1 marked lower receiver (serial numbers begin in CR), marked, "Property of US Government."  Early rifles were roll-marked and had some issues, newer production rifles tend to be engraved, like FN does.
  • Colt M4 factory upper receiver (note:  late 2019 shipments have no CAGE Code markings, the 2021 vintage have no CAGE code, but are a highly desirable Cerro forged marked upper), 7075 military grade aluminum with Type 3 black anodizing, military grade and white top T-marks.
  • Knights Armament KAC M4 quad RAS rail with three (3) KAC rib covers
  • Matech / Picatinny Engineering 600m rear USGI back up sight
  • Colt factory installed front-side sling swivel
  • Colt ambidextrous safety selector, factory installed
  • Colt / P&S Products / Provident American standard M4 "waffle" stock
  • Colt bolt carrier group with MPC marked bolt; some carriers are marked with a "C", luck of the draw, as Colt made some changes in 2019, installed by Colt in the upper receiver.
  • Colt mil-spec charging handle, installed by Colt in the upper receiver
  • Colt 4 position buffer / extension tube, with Colt buffer and factory staked castle nut, all installed at the Colt factory in the lower receiver.
  • full Colt (Hartford) factory installed lower parts and Colt A2 grip
  • Colt magazine, standard capacity (30 rnd)
  • Knights (KAC) Vertical Grip

Be advised:  This SOCOM edition is a true Colt battle rifle, produced like DOD contract rifles are produced.  You will see blemishes.  Colt is known for uneven roll marks, oil, no oil, handling marks, minor scratches, black anodizing and gray anodizing, chalky grips.  Colt is not known for fine finishing.  The rifles cannot be returned as defective due to scratches or handling marks.  Make sure you understand what a military rifle is and is not before you purchase.

You can trust Charlie's.  We have sold more of these rifles since they first came out in May 2018 than any other dealer.  Take a look at our feedback.  Charlies is both a dealer for Colt rifles and parts and an OEM, meaning that we buy Colt products for custom-builds.  We love our custom-builds, but this is 100% factory direct product.

Note:  we also offer an M4 SOCOM, which is identical, but uses an M4 marked lower and without the US Government Property marking.  We offer the following rifle as an identical replacement, with different roll marks:  Colt M4 SOCOM Rifle

THIS IS A SERIALIZED FIREARM.  IT MUST SHIP TO A Federal Firearms License holder.  No civilian exceptions.

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THIS IS A SERIALIZED FIREARM.  It must ship to a Federal Firearms License holder.  No civilian exceptions.

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