Cadex Defense Spotting Scope Inverter Kit

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Cadex Defense Spotting Scope Inverter Cage

3 Rail Inverter Kit

Okay, this can get overly complex pretty quickly.  We will make it easy.  Cadex calls this a 3 Rail Inverter Kit.  Good for them.  Forget that name.  Have you ever put a spotting scope, like a Leupold Mark 4 on a tripod and enjoyed it?  The Inverter kit allows the spotter to put the spotting scope upside down, and now look through the optic lens and spot with ease. The Picatinny rails on the exterior of the cage are a starting point to add other accessories, like a camera, or a dope cardholder, or whatever.  

The Inverter Kit is a build part for the Cadex Defense Surveillance Kit 2700. The kit supplied with 3 Picatinny rails. One rail on top and one on each side. Extra rails are sold separately (part #2322-E). The inverter cage is designed for Leupold Mark 4 spotting scopes. It reverses the spotting scope so that the eyepiece is down instead of up. It offers great protection during transport and can be used with the Leupold spotting scope soft case. Velcro patches on each side hold the soft case flaps when the spotting scope is in use.

The inverter kit includes a unique spot in the scope cradle that ensures the chassis and all other mounted accessories are stable and remain aligned. This kit allows the scope to load within the inverter, as it is the scope's sole point of attachment that provides a secure connection between your spotting scope and the surveillance chassis. 

Sighting scope inversion means your head is not the most visible point in your sighting system.  Maybe this video will help you understand.  Once you use one of these, you will wonder how you did without it.

Cadex Part Number 2322-F