Badger Ordnance USMC Recoil Lug for M40A3 and M40A5 Sniper Rifle - Rem 700 SA

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Badger Ordnance M40A3/5 Recoil Lug for precision Remington 700 builds


Made by the man who created the M40A3.

The M40A3 and A5 are extremely similar in construction, and to make a precision rifle, you need precision parts. The Remington 700 Short Action is very effective and accurate, but the action itself is made based upon 1960's technology and needs the science and artistry of a good gunsmith to blueprint and true the action to the barrel. Sitting between the barrel and action is the lug, which will sink into the fiberglass stock, and for intents and purposes, absorb the recoil of the shot being fired. To properly seat the barrel to the action, the lug in the middle of this needs to extremely true and be made of steel with tight tolerances.

The M40A3 and A5 rifles were historically started with D.D. Ross lugs and other hardware. As the years rolled on, some rifles used the Badger lug. The Badger Ordnance lug is made of precision ground 4140 chrome-moly alloy pre-hardened steel, and feature a thicker (.312"), taller, and tapered profile as well as radiused bottom corners for ease of installation. 

This lug is made exclusively to be installed in a McMillan A4 stock made for the M40A3 or M40A5 and the Badger lug.

Manufacturer's Part Number: 1005-306-01M

So, what is Charlie's all about?

You may have found us by looking for M40A3 sniper rifle parts, and that is awesome. Charlie's specializes in military correct rifles for shooting enthusiasts, as well as for military and law enforcement. We are a small business based in Virginia, and our Potomac Armory brand is a licensed firearms manufacturer and registered DOD contractor and law enforcement dealer. In a few short years, our consumer brand, Charlie's Custom Clones, has grown to be the leading brand for shooting enthusiasts who are looking to increase their proficiency and their armament collection with military rifles and the hobby of clone building, which is just another way of saying that our customers want to buy or build a military correct rifle, largely as collectors, but also as active operators. The word, "Clone" in our name scares people that think we have fake products. We do not. Nothing can be further from the truth, as to have a clone rifle, is to have as exact a copy of an actual military issued weapon, as a civilian possibly can have. 

We are known for our barrels, scopes and rifles, and mostly for the period from 1995 to present. We are barrel nerds and scope snobs, but having the right barrel and optic, make for the mission.

Our sniper rifle expertise has been centered around the early 2000's SOCOM rifles, like the Mk12, Mk11, M110 and Mk13. We have recently ventured into the M40 realm, and our goal is to provide as many of the parts for the M40A3 and M40A5 - in stock and ready to ship - to you or to your gunsmith. While most sniper rifles we like to offer complete rifles or components, the nature of the M40 buyer is a little more intimate, and our customers tend to want to source parts and send to their preferred gunsmith, and that is the model that we are adopting. I would suspect that in due time, we might have a registry of a few gunsmiths who specialize in M40 rifles, and eventually that may lead to us offering full rifles, but that is not anywhere in the planning at this time.

In addition to great combat rifles, like the military sniper community, that has led us to also serve the PRS and ELR shooter. So, we carry great names like AI and Cadex and others, and also the best optics that money can buy. For our customers buying full rifles, we offer some great combo discounts with many rifle scope and mount companies, as well as suppressor manufacturers.

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