Badger Ordnance Condition One Coaxial Laser Integration Fixture (CLIF) Impact

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Badger Ordnance Condition One Coaxial Laser Integration Fixture (CLIF) Impact

A next generation diving board for next generation lasers

The Condition One Coaxial Laser Integration Fixture (CLIF) is a rail attachment that works with the Vortex Impact 4000, a ballistic rail-mounted laser rangefinder. The CLIF is designed to integrate the next generation of weapons-mounted laser range finders with the Badger C1 series of Unimounts via the C1 ARC. The CLIF is trusted by organizations and companies for over 30 years, including the U.S. Marines.

Key Features:

  • Integrates laser rangefinders with C1 Unimounts
  • Low profile design specifically for the Vortex Impact LRF
  • Attaches/detaches without losing primary optic zero
  • Durable Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized construction

Long range shooting technology has been advancing at a near geometric pace. The capabilities available to even the most casual shooter today rival what was only available with government funding in the past. Crisp glass, low drag projectiles, and ballistic calculators are now the industry standard. The catch? None of this matters if you can't make the hits due to bad data. Bad input gets bad results. Sure the margin of error can be forgiving at close range, but when we are talking distances with a comma in them everything must be precise as possible. Laser rangefinders have been available for a while but now as they have become smaller and more rugged they are being weapon mounted. Here is where the CLIF Impact shines.

The sleek and sturdy Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized design on the CLIF Impact pairs perfectly with the Vortex Impact LRF while attaching/detaching without losing zero on your primary optic. It is available in black or tan to match your setup. The CLIF Impact can also be attached and detached without removing the ring cap of the Condition One. This preserves your primary optic zero. A major advantage for shooters who wish to use this tech on multiple platforms or to protect the LRF separate from the rifle during transit. After all you've put your hard earned money into advanced shooting tech, why use a substandard platform to mount it? Trust in Badger Ordnance to perform when it counts.

With a diving board form factor attached to Badger Ordnance's proven Condition One series of scope mounts, the CLIF Impact positions your laser rangefinder in the optimal position for speed and ease of use. Sitting just forward of the scope's elevation turret, it is out of the way but available the moment it is required. The CLIF Impact is the next generation of Badger's diving board and is optimized for the Vortex Impact LRF and similar low profile lasers that sit lower than older, bulkier units.