AAC Ti-Rant 9mm Modular Suppressor

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AAC Ti-Rant 9mm Modular Suppressor

Advanced Armament (AAC) 9mm Ti-Rant 9M Modular Pistol Suppressor

Pretty cool, as this is lightweight, built of titanium and aluminum and has the option of a long configuration, or the (K) style short configuration, all in one package.  One Stamp, Two Silencers !

The main tube is constructed from Grade 9 Titanium for durability and light weight; while the front module tube is made from high strength 7075-T6 Aluminum for weight savings. The Ti-RANT 9M can be easily hand-disassembled without special tools to allow the entire baffle stack to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

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Pictures courtesy Advanaced Armament Corporation and thetruthaboutguns.com.  Video from VSO Gun Channel.



Full Auto rated

For use with 9MM and smaller pistol calibers including all rimfire cartridges 

Includes both standard and metric pistons


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