USGI Black AR15 30 round magazine, Teflon finish

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USGI Black AR15 30 round magazine, Teflon finish

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Black AR15 30 round magazine, Teflon finish, USGI

Branded Bravo Company (BCM) and manufactured by D&H Industries (formerly known as LaBelle)

These BLACK Teflon No-Ban (30 round) magazines are considered some of the better AR15, M4, M16 magazines made. The quality and reliability of D&H Industries  mags is always excellent. These mags are manufactured on the original LaBelle tooling. Current production. Teflon finish is on the interior and exterior of magazine.
They have the MAGPUL ENHANCED Followers. The new Teflon Mags do not come in a plastic wrap. These GI mags stamped with the date of manufacturer on left side of magazine body and the contractors government CAGE code (04TQ4 - D&H Industries) on right side of magazine body. These are NOT LE marked on the magazine body and do NOT have the LE restricted floor plates. D&H Industries stamps the floor plates with Bravo Co text.
These cannot be shipped to CA, NJ, NY, MA, HI or any other restricted states.