Steiner P4Xi 1-4x24


Tactical scopes from Steiner are the ideal scope for when protection is at its highest importance. Whether along the border or a dark street, law enforcement trusts Steiner Tactical scopes to provide a clear image for keeping the community safe. There are times and places where only the sharpest, toughest, and most reliable optics will do. One blurry image can make for a costly mistake. In the face of disaster, a clear view will give you a life-changing advantage.

Steiner Tactical scopes bring unmatched clarity, accuracy, and self-assurance to any situation. Precise German engineering combined with United States construction, new turrets and reticle give the shooter the victor's edge in long range-shooting. Steiner prides itself on making optics for life's defining moments.

Features the P3TR reticle (illuminated)

One thing we really love about Steiner, is they have no bad scopes.  From their P to the T to the M series tactical scopes, every scope is quality.  Seriously, what other scope manufacturer can you point to, up and down their line, where you have great glass, solid construction and hassle free operation ?