Spuhr ISMS 34mm Picatinny Mount 20 MOA 1.50" high SP-4602

Spuhr ISMS 34mm Picatinny Mount 20 MOA 1.50" high SP-4602

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SPUHR 34mm Picatinny Mount 20 MOA 1.50" high

Does it get any better than Spuhr?  Probably not. 

Do you need a Spuhr?  Nah.  But, if you want to shoot your best, and not be able to blame the mount shifting, buy a Spuhr and show it off to your buddies.  If you are an average shooter, you might want to consider a lesser mount.  I don't know, something Chinese, and then your scope will shift and you can blame that for missing the steel at 1,000 yards.

There is a man behind these mounts.  Håkan Spuhr from Sweeden.  He makes these the best and lightweight and secure, and listens to his customers.  His main buyers are mil/LE customers, but you can have one too.  I wanted to put his video up here, but the quality is not the greatest, but you should watch the Spuhr video.  I was going to put an interview that Larry Vickers did at SHOTSHOW, but he is hawking someone else's brand, so, Nah.

Don't get me wrong, we have other great mounts here at Charlie's, but Spuhr rises to the top of our list.  Also, you just gotta love the bubble mount in the rear.  Actually a great feature and out of the way.

SP-4602 - Mount for Picatinny Rail

Ring size 34mm

Tilt 6 MIL/20.6 MOA

Height 38mm/1.5"

Length 121mm/4.76"




Prevents damage on scope due to flexing during heavy recoil or rough environment. The snipers rifle and the spotters carbine can have the same mount, enabling the use of same equipment and accessories. Rings are grooved inside to get a better grip of the scope and enabling gluing of the scope. The mount is milled out of one billet of material instead of being screwed together from small parts.

Scope Rotation

Patent pending solution for indexing the rotation of the scope, using an included tool/gauge to index the scope correctly to the mount and gun. Important since an incorrectly indexed scope unintentionally will also have a sideways adjusted point of impact and since it will be adjusted sideways when it is adjusted for elevation.

Mounting Placements

Traditionally lasers have been mounted on the forend of the rifle, a solution with drawbacks. For the same reasons you don′t want your barrel to touch the forend, you don′t want the sights to be mounted on the forend. Our mounting system has a minimum of seven interfaces for accessories and the laser can easily be mounted on the mount, giving the advantage of an undisturbed laser and a weight more central on the gun instead of forward.

Accessible and Readable Dials

The rings are cut 45 degrees instead of the usual horizontal, providing several advantages. The screws holding the parts together are not in the way of the knobs, thus the shooter can quickly determine the settings of the knobs. It also gives the shooter a horizontal line that helps the shooter not torotate his gun unintentionally. The rings have index marks on the top and right side, making low knobs more easily readable.


Possibility of using various accessories such as angle cosine indicator, back up sights, lasers, illuminators, Night vision mounts etc. With traditional mounts this can be achieved only if there is sufficient space on the middle tube for additional rings, which there rarely is. Ideal Scope Mount Systems have interface surfaces directly on the mount, making it possible to mount accessories either by Picatinny rails or as direct interfaces for certain accessories such as angle cosine indicators and red dot sights. A selection of interfaces for popular accessories are available, and others can be made to specification.