Sig Sauer Kilo 6K HD full size range finding binocular 10x42 - ODG

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Sig Sauer 10x42 laser range finding full size binoculars in HD - Kilo 6K HD


After releasing a compact version, Sig moved the full-size Kilo 6 HD

KILO6K-HD has a maximum reflective range of 6,000 yards and includes Applied Ballistics Ultralight onboard along with environmental sensors and supports BDX External (ABX) for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin devices. 

The Kilo binocular line by Sig are some of the best all around range finding binoculars, bringing together advanced laser range finding, the established technology of Applied Ballistics, as well as Sig's BDX technology with a rugged, well thought out ergo friendly binocular.  It is easy to get the Sig range finding binoculars confused, as there are so many coming at us.

The Sig Kilo 6k HD stands in the middle, between the Mac-Daddy of them all - the Kilo 10K ABS - and the Kilo 3000 BDX, which has been out since 2109.  The Kilo 3000 provides ranging up to 3,000 yards and connects to the Sig BDX technology for specific scopes.  The Kilo 10k ABS provides ranging to 10,000 yards and offers BBX and built in Allied Ballistics Software Elite version.  Both the 3000 and the 10k are 10x42 full-size scopes.  Later, Sig came out with the 6K compact, offering smaller footprint binoculars in 8x32 and 10x32, which was great for hunters, where weight and size matters in your load out.  The newest offering is the Kilo 6K HD, which includes support to pair to an external Kestrel 5700 Elite, and get all the benefits from the Elite version of ABS software.


  • Full Size 10x42 Binocular
  • Ergonomic design
  • One device to carry out
  • Sig Kilo family history of great range finding solution
  • Right sized fit of optics, technology and price
  • SpectraCoat™ anti-reflection coatings for superior light transmission and optical clarity
  • Range reflective targets out to 6,000 yards, trees out to 4,000 yards, and deer out to 2,000 yards
  • Onboard environmental sensors for real-time ballistic calculations
  • Complete set of extras, like case, included standard
  • Applied Ballistics Ultralite feature with complete AB bullet database, 25 bullet profiles, and 8 ballistic groups
  • BDX 2.0 enable with low-energy, long-range Bluetooth
  • Connect with Kestrel 5700 Elite for more extended ranging solutions
  • Connect with the free Basemap app to drop remote waypoints
  • Revolutionary LightWave DSP™ Technology for the fastest and longest distance range finder engine
  • HyperScan™ Technology provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode while RangeLock™ reports the last range result when ranging distant targets
  • Embedded Applied Ballistics Ultralight with bullet database and support for G1/G7
  • Low Energy Bluetooth for synchronizing up to 25 custom ballistic profiles between the free SIG Ballistic App and rangefinder
  • Advanced OLED display displays range and angle of incline as well as the ballistic solution
  • Line of Sight or Angle Modified range in addition to full ballistic holdover and windage results in MIL or MOA
  • Lumatic™ Display automatically calibrates display brightness to changing ambient light condition
  • Compact, lightweight magnesium housing with binocular-style eyecup and diopter adjustment
  • IPX-7 waterproof

Scout and range smarter with the Sig Sauer® KILO6K Laser Range finding Binoculars. Equipped with Gen II LightWave DSP™ ranging engine and an Extended Range mode, they range reflective targets out to 6,000 yards, trees out to 4,000 yards, and deer out to 2,000 yards. Onboard environmental sensors deliver real-time ballistic calculations, so you're always in the know. Applied Ballistics Ultralite feature includes a complete AB bullet database, up to 25 bullet profiles, and 8 onboard ballistic groups. BDX 2.0 enabled with low-energy, long-range Bluetooth® connectivity. Connect with the free basemap app to drop remote waypoints.

The KILO6K-HD features new target modes: Extended Range and Fog mode along with First, Best, and Last target.  The rangefinder incorporates a segmented OLED display which provides range to target, elevation holdover and wind holds.  All new KILO rangefinders connect with the BaseMap app to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured with the SIG SAUER BDX App. All KILO K Series rangefinders leverage Low Energy / Long Range Bluetooth 5.x for multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX-enabled riflescopes and sights.  The KILO6K-HD ships with a grey binocular harness.

RANGING ACCURACY, RESOLUTION AND MAXIMUM RANGES: The KILO6KHD provides line of sight or angle modified range information accurate to ±0.5 yards or meters out to 500 yards; ±1 yard from 500 - 1000 yards and ±2 yards beyond 1000 yards. 

LIGHTWAVE DSP TECHNOLOGY:  SIG SAUER’s proprietary Lightwave DSP engine leverages HyperScan – an advanced power management technique that provides the fastest refresh rate in scan mode (4 times per second) even at distances up to a mile. The Sig DSP engine uses the latest generation field programmable gate array (FPGA) running sophisticated signal processing algorithms to reduce false positives while finding weak or distant targets. 

SIG SAUER BALLISTIC DATA XCHANGE 2.0 (BDX 2.0):  SIG SAUER’s Patent Pending BDX system takes the guesswork out of determining the proper range and ballistics solution for hitting your target with the first round. Low Energy Bluetooth combined with an embedded ballistic calculator (Applied Ballistics Ultralight) allows the user to configure up to 25, custom bullet profiles on the free BDX App and sync to your KILO. Line of sight range, elevation and wind hold information is calculated instantly and displayed based on the active profile.

When combined with one of SIG SAUER’s BDX enabled riflescopes, the user ranges a target and the firing solution is instantly shared with the BDX riflescope where the holdover dot is selectively illuminated. BDX 2.0 has several new features for customers that want to get up and running without using the BDX smartphone App. Your KILO has 8 embedded ballistic groups. The first 6 groups are for centerfire rifles. Group 1 is the flattest shooting group with the least amount of drop. As the group numbers increase, so does the bullet drop. Using the included Ballistic Groups card, locate your caliber from the provided list. If your rounds are impacting low then move to a higher numbered group. If your rounds are impacting high then move to a lower numbered group. Group 7 represents common muzzleloaders and Group 8 represents an average crossbow.

You can access these ballistic groups through the normal rangefinder configuration process by turning on the KILO and holding down the MODE button to enter programming mode. QuickBOND allows you to quickly bond your KILO to a SIERRA riflescope. On the SIERRA riflescope, insert the batteries and turn on to illumination setting 1. Once the display in the rangefinder reads “BOND” then “GOOD” your devices have been bonded (blue LED on the SIERRA should now be solid blue). Your calculated ballistic hold for any of the 8 ballistic groups or for a custom gun profile are now actively synced to your SIERRA riflescope. 

APPLIED BALLISTICS ULTRALIGHT (ABU): Your rangefinder has an embedded ballistics solver developed by Sig Sauer, Applied Ballistics and nVisti. By pairing your KILO with the free BDX App you can enter custom ballistics information for up to 25 bullet profiles and sync one at a time to your KILO. The active ballistic profile is now saved on your KILO, and when in ABU mode, will provide an accurate ballistic solution out to 800 meters maximum. The LOS range and angle of incline will be displayed for 2 seconds, then the elevation holdover value and finally the windage hold. This range and holdover information will continue to be displayed for 30 seconds or longer depending upon the timeout setting in the BDX App. Wind direction and wind speed can also be configured within the App. The smartphone will actively sync all inputs with the KILO, and the KILO can then be used without a smartphone. BDX with ABU provides a firing solution out to a maximum of 800 meters. For users that require more precision or will be shooting further than 800 meters, the KILO6KHD™ also support AB External which allows you to pair with an external device such as the Kestrel Elite. When in ABU or ABX mode, paired and bonded with a BDX enabled sight the Bluetooth icon will be visible and will flash when a new ballistic solution is calculated – which confirms your BDX enabled sight received the new holdover information.

Applied Ballistics External (ABX) allows the KILO to be paired with an external Kestrel Elite or Garmin Foretrex for more precise ballistic solutions beyond 800 meters. AB Elite includes support for Coriolis, spin drift and other factors while providing custom drag curves for the most accurate ballistic solutions in the industry. 

DIOPTER ADJUSTMENT:  The KILO6KHD™ features two diopter adjustments. One for the internal OLED display (right) and one for distant targets (left). 

EYECUP ADJUSTMENT: The KILO6KHD features dual eyecups with 3 position detents for individual adjustment


42 mm
18 mm
5.7 in
2.5 in
5 in
30 oz
1.5 x 0.06 MRAD
(1) CR2
4000 ranges
+/- 3
OD Green
Circle / Segmented OLED
Up to 2000 y
Up to 4000 y
Up to 6000 y

Manufacturer's Part Number:  SOK6K105


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