Rearden RPB - Single Port Brake - 5/8X24 .375" Bore - Black

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 rpbhomepagebanner-right-1024x676.jpg   Rearden RPB Three-Prong Single Port Brake 5/8x24

Updated mini brake from Rearden Manufacturing for use with their Atlas universal hub suppressor adapter with 0.375 bore

Call it simplicity, call it great engineering, call it basic, call it art.  Rearden is all those things, but mostly, Rearden brings us great engineered and machined products to connect our suppressors to our barrels.

Rearden is designing and building suppressor mounts with the idea or universal in mind.  Rearden Manufacturing is bring new options to connect barrels to the universal internal threads, so many suppressor companies are offering in what is being known as "bravo" or "ASR" internal threaded adapters.  Rearden's universal hub is the Atlas.  The SPB is a small one port brake that connects a 7.62mm barrel with thread pitch for 5/8"-24 barrels and a .375 bore.  In other words, works with .308 caliber / 7.62mm barrels, but do not try with 9mm.


  • 17-4 PH H900
  • Atlas and Atlas XL Compatible
  • Plan B Compatible
  • Atlas Adapter Overrun Approximately 1.050″
  • Atlas XL Adapter No Overrun
  • 5/8-24 Threads .375 Bore
  • Black Nitride Finish (67 HRC Surface Hardness)
  • Shims Included
  • Made in the USA by small family business of true craftsmen
  • Manufacturer's Part Number 10047

Discover a new paradigm in firearm components with the Rearden RPB - Single Port Brake. Uniting functionality, innovation, and American craftsmanship, this compact muzzle device is more than an aesthetic enhancement to your rifle - it's a game-changer.

Forged from superior 17-4 stainless steel, the RPB Single Port Brake delivers outstanding durability and performance. This high-strength material, treated with a Black Nitride Finish, offers a remarkable surface hardness of 67 HRC, ensuring a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant component that can handle the toughest shooting conditions.

The RPB Single Port Brake is meticulously designed to reduce recoil and ensure optimal shooting experience, whether you're shooting suppressed or unsuppressed. Its three-pronged design adds a modern touch, perfect for those looking for a robust yet stylish muzzle device.

Compatibility is at the core of Rearden's product line. The Single Port Brake is specifically designed to pair seamlessly with their Atlas universal hub suppressor adapter. It accommodates the prevalent "Bravo" or "ASR" internal threaded adapters provided by various suppressor companies, demonstrating the Rearden commitment to versatile and user-friendly design.

Specifically designed for 7.62mm barrels, this port brake features 5/8"-24 threads and a .375 bore, making it suitable for .308 caliber rifles. However, it is not intended for use with 9mm firearms. With an overrun of approximately 1.050" for the Atlas Adapter, it perfectly integrates into your shooting setup without sacrificing the overall aesthetics or balance of your rifle.

Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen, the Single Port Brake showcases the attention to detail and high-quality workmanship synonymous with Rearden Manufacturing. This small family business has revolutionized the way we connect suppressors to our barrels, delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.


When installing, it's important to ensure alignment and properly torque and apply Rocksett to the muzzle device for optimal safety and performance. With the Single Port Brake from Rearden, you can enjoy a superior shooting experience, both suppressed and unsuppressed.


Enhance your shooting prowess and aesthetics with the Rearden RPB - Single Port Brake. It's not just about owning a firearm, it's about maximizing its potential. Let Rearden lead the way.