Rearden Direct Thread Hub Adpater - 1/2X28 in Black

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rearden-300x50.png Rearden Direct Thread Hub Adapter for 1/2X28 Threads

DLC Black Titanium

The Rearden direct thread adapter for the universal suppressor adapter, the 1-3/8"-24 TPI Hub is a high quality part that presents as a low-profile HUB adapter.  No muzzle device needed, as this adapter threads directly to your barrel. 

What is DLC?

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating is one of the better finishes for steel that will encounter wear and/or high temperatures.  This makes the Rearden adapter one of the more expensive hub adapters, but also, one of the best engineered.  

DLC coatings are environmentally friendly and can be used to reduce friction, wear, fretting, galling and corrosion. ty. DLC has been used for a decade on high performance BCGs on the AR platform, combining both aesthetics and performance. 

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a thin-film coating process that involves depositing various materials on the surface of a firearm component in a controlled environment. This technique ensures a uniform and resilient layer, enhancing the part's appearance and performance. PVD coating has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its versatility and ability to cater to various consumer preferences in both aesthetics and practical durability and wear.  In a vacuum chamber, the firearms components are exposed to a vaporized source material.  The source material is vaporized using various methods, such as arc evaporation, where an electric arc is generated between the source material and an anode (usually made of copper). The electric arc heats the source material to extremely high temperatures, causing it to vaporize and condense on the surface of the firearm parts.

DLC is a a specific application within the family of PVD applications.  The primary distinction between PVD and DLC coatings lies in their composition. PVD coatings are made of various materials, which allows for a broader spectrum of color options and various degrees of hardness and durability of the finished product. On the other hand, DLC coatings are composed of amorphous carbon, making them exceptionally hard and durable, living up to the “diamond-like” nature as described.  DLC coatings have a superior hardness compared to PVD coatings. Diamond-Like Carbon ranks high on the Vickers hardness scale, giving the firearm parts with DLC coating an added level of scratch resistance and protection against wear. Given the atomic structure of the material, it’s likely that DLC coating will have greater resilience and less tendency to flake or wear overall, given the same duration of time.

One of the major providers of DLC coatings is a brand call Ionbond.  Often DLC, PVD and Ionbond are used interchangeably, but Ionbond is a brand name.


  • 0.72 ounces
  • Thread Pitch of 1.375-24
  • Titanium construction
  • black DLC and Sline coated
  • Bravo and other universal hub 1.375″–24 Threaded Tubes and Suppressors
  • MPN:  10661