Pistol Front and Rear Sight Alignment "pusher" tool

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Pistol Front and Rear Sight Alignment "pusher" tool

If you work on pistols...  even a little bit, this is a great tool at a great price and does it all.  Be careful, there is also a blue tool for less, but it only handles the rear sight.  This tool is for front and rear

  • Universal pistol front & rear sight pusher tool is for: removal, installation, and the adjustment of the front & rear sights for most semi-auto pistol slides.
  • Two separate sight pusher blocks, each pusher isspecifically designed for either front or rear dovetail sights.
  • Pusher blocks are made from tool steel
  • Base platform is adjustable for height to properly align your sights at the proper height for the sight pusher blocks.
  • The adjustable side and top clamps secure the slide in place.
  • Side witness windows on both sides of the tool frame to check for the proper sight and pusher block alignment.
  • Sight tool frame can be bolted to, clamped onto a work surface, or clamped onto a vice.
  • Heavy duty blue Anodized aluminum frame. Sight pusher steel screws have brass bushings for goo bearing surface characteristics and excellent strength.


Made by VISM, a division of NC Star.  Product Number VTUFNR