Nightforce Mk22 Mil-Spec 7-35X56 ATACR P-VPS Riflescope and Deployment Kit

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Military Issue:
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Nighforce Mk22 Mil-Spec 7-35X56 P-VPS Deployment kit

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The Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56 F1 MK22 ASR SOCOM Precision Scope Kit represents a rare chance to own an authentic military deployment optic - the exact configuration issued to U.S. Special Operations Forces with their Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle systems.

Nightforce virtually never releases these true mil-spec riflescopes to civilian markets, which makes this limited edition offering incredibly exclusive. It leaves nothing to chance in delivering the pinnacle of long-range precision optics with no compromises in optical performance or rugged reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.

Grabbing your attention is the unprecedented 35x maximum magnification, bridging the gap between traditional riflescope and high-power observation optics. The massive 56mm objective lens excels in low light, gathering abundant photons for true color rendition, exceptional contrast, and razor-sharp resolving power.

Key features:

• 7-35x zoom range with 56mm objective
• Advanced TReMoR3 first focal plane reticle
• ED glass with proprietary fully multi-coated lenses
• Overbuilt 34mm aluminum main tube up to 3x thicker
• Laser rangefinder accessory mount included

But where this MK22 ASR SOCOM scope truly stands apart is the cutting-edge TReMoR3 first focal plane reticle, allowing accurate rangefinding, windage and elevation holds at any magnification. The reticle's pyramid hashmarks provide unprecedented granular ballistic compensation data out to sniper ammunition's limits. For the military models of the Tremor 3 reticle, there is no illumination. This is classified as a day optic, and is done for a variety of reasons, including one less potential failure point, and the potential use of nightvision optical aids.

The specialized SOCOM turret system also sets this optic apart as special operations-specific. Nightforce's intuitive ZeroStop tech allows instantly returning to zero after temporary adjustments, even in total darkness. These are the turrets explicitly designed for elite SF operators.

Because the reticle is located on the first focal plane, it visually zooms in proportion to changes in magnification. This allows for accurate ranging, windage and elevation holds when dialing the power up or down - a critical advantage over second focal plane designs. With the TReMoR3 reticle, all the essential data for rapid precision fire is distilled directly in your sight picture.

Optically, the ATACR makes no sacrifices. Premium extra-low dispersion glass practically eliminates chromatic aberrations, color fringing, and image distortions. Nightforce's proprietary XC623 coatings are then applied to virtually every air-to-glass lens surface to maximize light transmission, off-axis resolution, brightness, and true color rendition.

Each lens element is hand-matched during a meticulous alignment process called optical indexing to channel every last ounce of image fidelity and performance to the shooter's eye. The result is brilliant, high contrast views with superior clarity and resolution from edge-to-edge.

Fortifying the precision optics is an overbuilt main tube machined from a single solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. At 34mm, the main tube is two to three times thicker than typical riflescope tubes. This imparts incredible ruggedness to shrug off impacts while protecting the sensitive interior components from stress, thermal drift, and dissimilar metal segregation that can impact zero retention.

The housing is then hardcoat anodized with a flat tan Mil-Spec finish, rendering it highly corrosion and weather-resistant while minimizing glare and reflections that could compromise the shooter's concealment in tactical environments.

While optimized for long-range precision rifle shooting, the ATACR can also be configured as a turn-key fire control solution by integrating directly with the included Nightforce scope mount and an accessory rail mount for laser rangefinders. This provides an elegant package for rapidly detecting, ranging, and engaging targets at extreme distances.

When it comes time to make elevation corrections, the turret features Nightforce's field-proven ZeroStop technology. This intuitive system allows you to instantly return to your zeroed position after dialing temporary adjustments simply by feel, even when operating in total darkness or while wearing gloves. The turrets themselves are crafted to matchless tolerances and held seamlessly in place by specially polished and tensioned springs.

Rounding out the high-end appointments, an adjustable side parallax control removes any residual image blurring and increases resolution down to an impressive 10 meter minimum distance. The included Power Throw Lever ensures fast, precise magnification changes, while tethered flip-up lens caps protect the exterior lenses from nicks, scratches, and oil buildup.

This MK22 ASR SOCOM Precision Scope gives you the same genuine military-grade optic issued to special operations snipers deploying the Advanced Sniper Rifle system into hostile environments. It's an elite force multiplier you can own, with no compromises in optical performance or rugged reliability, no matter the conditions.


Objective Lens 56mm
Tube Diameter 34mm
Coating Fully Multi-Coated
Reticle TReMoR3 FFP
Adjustment Graduations 0.125 MOA
Elevation Travel 100 MOA
Windage Travel 60 MOA
Parallax Focus 10m to Infinity
Length 16.26 in
Weight 37 oz

Package Includes:

  • ATACR 7-35X56 F1 Riflescope
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Tethered lens caps
  • Power Throw Lever
  • Laser rangefinder mounting rail
  • Nightforce scope mount

Note: The color of tan, taupe, FDE, desert sand, etc. is very hard to depict online, as screens are different and white balance is very hard to standardize. Also, the actual anodizing from one batch to another results in different colors, and this can be seen in the military scope mounts, which often have different color top rinds and RAP mounts than the bottom mount. The color that Nightforce produces is a light brown or tan, with some yellow hints occasionally. Not as dark as an FDE from Daniel Defense, and not as golden as a DDC from Geissele, for example.