McMillan TAC50 Action with Bolt - .50 BMG

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McMillan TAC50 Action with Bolt - .50 BMG


The Mac Daddy, Mac Duece action for 50 caliber

McMillan Firearms hallmark action, the TAC50 is one of the most widely used .50 BMG actions in the world.  Long used in the TAC50 sniper and anti-materiel military firearm, the Mk15 Mod0 and Mod1, this action holds multiple World Records for longest shot and longest kill in the battlefield.

Highlights & Specifications

  • Right Handed Model
  • Repeater
  • Rough condition - requires gunsmith finishing
  • Receiver Material: 4140 Rc 44-48
  • Receiver Length:  12.01"
  • Receiver Diameter:  1.95"  DIA
  • Bolt Design: 2 lug
  • Bolt Stop: Material: 4340 Steel
  • Bolt Throw: 90 degree
  • Bolt Material:  9310 Steel
  • Bolt Coating:  in the white
  • Firing Pin: Material: 17-4PH SST
  • Extractor: Material: S7 Tool Steel Rc 38-40
  • Ejector: Material: 17-4PH SST 
  • Recoil Lug: Material: 4140 Steel Rc 45-48
  • Action Screw: 5/16 x 24

Note:  Action is delivered in the white, and requires finishing before installation.  Bolt fluting has shop burrs and exterior has oil and marks.  The finished product will be blasted, edges in the flutes will need to be polished, the receiver will need to be coated, e.g. Cerakote or other finish.  This is shipped in gunsmith condition.


  • Receiver
  • Bolt
  • Bolt Knob
  • Recoil Lug









This is a right hand repeater model

Includes action, bolt, bolt knob and lug