McMillan TAC50 Action with Bolt - .50 BMG

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Expected release date is Apr 15th 2022

McMillan TAC50 Action with Bolt - .50 BMG

The Mac Daddy, Mac Duece action for 50 caliber

McMillan Firearms hallmark action, the TAC50 is one of the most widely used .50 BMG actions in the world.  Long used in the TAC50 sniper and anti-materiel military firearm, the Mk15 Mod0 and Mod1, this action holds multiple World Records for longest shot and longest kill in the battlefield.

This is a right hand repeater model

Includes action, bolt, bolt knob and lug.

Demand is very high, and production is limited.  Extended delivery times will exist throughout 2021 and 2022.  Contact sales for more information.  We are taking pre-orders as well as deposits.  Any pre-order cancelled is without penalty, but must be cancelled within 6 months of ordering, or only store credit will apply after 6 months.  Preorders have cancellation penalties, but hold your place in line.