Matech rear BUIS USGI sight up to 600m - used / worn

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Matech rear BUIS USGI sight up to 600m - used / worn

These are take-offs from trade-in weapons, and have been used.  

Matech Back Up Iron Sights. BUIS. Rear Iron Sights. Solid, robust, and as accurate as your eyes and skill will allow. Elevation markings from 200 to 600 Meters. Adjustable windage.

Charlie's inspects each sight, and assigns a grade.  These are more toward the less than average side the grading scale, average to below average condtition.  100% functional, and have seen quite a bit or wear, and no damage. Generally, you can expect to find wear on the windage knob, and some wearing of the painted elevations, and occsional light rust. 

While not of the lowest grade of used milspec back-up sights, these are very well worn.  They will need a cleaning and some oil.  If we were to return to looking new, we would have take each piece apart, clean, sand and Parkerize, and the effort is not worth the commercial value, so we are offering these at a good discount.

  • Compatible with any Picatinny style rail system
  • Designed by Picatinny/Matech engineers
  • One-touch flip up aperture for instant utilization
  • Extremely low reflective signature
  • Precise range & windage adjustments up to 600 Meters
  • Tested to retain zero under extensive firing conditions
  • Can be used in conjunction with any standard optic

This version does not have the commercial Picitinny Engineering logo.