Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate – AR/M4 Gen M3 - BLK, 3 Pack

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Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate – AR/M4 Gen M3 - Black, 3 Pack


Durability Meets Speed: PMAG Ranger Plate

Unleash Unparalleled Control

When it comes to tactical shooting, every second counts. The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™ for Gen M3 AR-15 PMAG Magazines delivers unparalleled speed and control during high-stress magazine changes, thanks to its integral loop. The ingenious design mimics the original Magpul USGI Ranger Plate, enabling you to maintain a firm grip and switch magazines with lightning speed. Imagine the advantage you'll have when every millisecond matters.

Built to Last

Constructed from impact-resistant polymer, the Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™ ensures enduring performance even in the most extreme environments. This isn't a disposable accessory—it's a robust, reliable upgrade designed to withstand the same rough handling as your PMAG. Invest in a product that's as tough and reliable as your commitment to your sport.

Ergonomics and Protection in One

The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate doesn't just improve your control—it also protects your magazine against impacts. The ergonomic design enhances positive handling, adding an extra layer of protection to the standard floor plates found on AR/M4 Gen M3 PMAGs. Experience the comfort and assurance of superior ergonomics, combined with robust impact protection.

Easy Installation, Seamless Integration

The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate for Gen M3 AR-15 PMAG Magazines is designed for a seamless fit. It smoothly replaces your magazine's existing floorplate, making installation a breeze. The plate is designed exclusively for use with Magpul Gen M3 magazines, ensuring a perfect fit and function. Once installed, the Ranger Plate integrates seamlessly, enhancing both the aesthetics and the utility of your equipment.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Elevate your shooting skills with the Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™. Designed with the serious shooter in mind, this plate offers an intuitive control that boosts your speed and efficiency during tactical magazine changes. Feel the difference in your hands, experience the speed in your actions, and witness the improved outcomes in your shooting. The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™ is more than an accessory; it's an upgrade that transforms your shooting experience.

Invest in Quality, Reap the Rewards

The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™ is not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, this product is built to last and perform under extreme conditions. When you invest in the Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate™, you're investing in your performance, your efficiency, and your success in the field. Make the choice that serious shooters around the world trust; choose the Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate.

Manufacturer's Part Number:  MAG561