Knights Armament KAC "vintage" Mk4, Mk18 Taupe front sights 99051


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Knights Armament KAC "vintage" Taupe front sights

At Charlie's, we have collected, or curated some vintage anodized front sights over the years.  For Knights, the term "taupe" is and has been very subjective.  It runs from a light tan to an FDE, desert sand, medium brown to a dull green. And, trying to capture these nuanced shade differences in photos is very hard.

Most clone collectors are looking for the vintage browns and dull gray-greens for a perfect Mk18 clone, for instance, and KAC has not made that color in years.

The current new model 99051 front sights are more of a medium tan Cerakote, or that is how my eye sees it.  The older colors were anodized aluminum, and that gives you different hues in every batch.

Pricing on these is much higher than a new front sight, as they are hard to find, and Charlies ends up paying much more for the sights.  We source these from individual collectors, and other KAC dealers who have very old inventory.  The price given below is for the best quality and best colors.  We will have a few different colors, quality (used and new) and price points.

Charlie's has these in-stock, but until we get the pictures online, we are marking as out of stock.  If you are interested, click the button to be reminded when we do have these available.

Also, note that Charlies also has truly used sights with varying degrees of bumps and bruises, that we sell below the price of our new sights.  If interested, email us.  What is listed here we prefer to call "vintage"