Geissele Super Duty Upper Receiver Group 11.5" Mk16 DDC 5.56mm, complete

ships from our shop in 3 to 5 days (+/-)

Geissele Super Duty Upper Receiver Group 11.5" DDC 5.56mm, complete

with the wonderfully mated new unified Mk16 rail and upper receiver

Geissele Super Duty DDC upper receiver

The 11.5” complete upper in 5.56mm features a DDC upper receiver mated to a unique Mk16 MLOK rail with 11.5”  Phosphated, Cold Hammer Forged Geissele, Chrome Lined 1-7 twist barrel, and your choice of three Surefire muzzle devices and your choice of Geissele bolt carrier groups.

Geissele barrels are a new line for Geissele in 2020.  The barrels are precision machined and cold hammer forged. The carbine length gas system is perfect for the 11.5" barrel, and includes a Geissele gas Block installed at the factory with both lower set screws and a through the barrel pin.  This is something Geissele has been doing since 2018.  Is it necessary? No.  Extra protection from a gas block moving, which was never going to move in the first place, but something about the Geissele name has that German sound to it, that causes the entire firm to over-engineer, like Mercedes.

The newly designed 10.5” Super Modular Rail MK16 mates to the upper via a center aligning tab removing any chance of rail rotation. This rail is a variant of the 13.5” SMR MK16, currently fielded by USASOC, and one of Geissele's best sellers and best ideas.  At Charlie's, we like the way in which the upper mates to the rail, which also is a crutch to better align the rail and upper receiver.  That is a good thing.

As a Charlie's exclusive, you have your choice of the Geissele Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, or the Geissele contracted mil-spec BCG.  Also, you have your choice of Surefire or mil-spec muzzle devices.

The Geissele contracted mil-spec BCG has been featured in Geissele's very popular M4A1 and Mk18 URGi for the last two years. Each bolt is rigorously inspected, high pressure tested, mag particle inspected.  The mil-spec BCG is produced by a Tier-1 military defense contractor and has a standard tried and true military phosphate coating and oiled and chrome lined chamber for the bolt.  

The Reliability Enhanced BCG is DLC coated in what Geissele calls "Nanocoating" and is machined from mil-spec 8620 steel, with a properly torqued and staked, chrome lined gas key. The REBCG also features extended upper rails, providing greater stability and dramatically increasing feeding reliability. The REBCG is Nanoweapon coated, and requires less oil.

The choice of muzzle devices is a personal one:  you can choose the popular open-tine Surefire SOCOM 3-Prong; the Surefire SOCOM Close Tine, the legacy Surefire Fast Attach 4-Prong, the Surefire Warcomp Close Tine, or a standard milspec A2 "birdcage" flash hider. 

The Surefire Warcomp profvides additional venting of gas that acts as a brake and a flash hider.  Charlie's thought is this:  The Warcomp helps reduce muzzle rise, which is a natural result of the recoil in firing a high power weapon.  The venting, or porting, also causes additional muzzle report (louder bang) as a result.  In shorter barrels, this increase report can be very loud, especially when used at a public firing range, and can become annoying to the person next to you.  For this reason, Charlie's has offered the traditional close tine, which is the same exact Surefire base model as the Warcomp, but without the porting, as well as the more traditional 3-prong flash hider, which has tremendous popularity in the general firearms community, the legacy Surefire 4-prong, or a minimalist phosptated A2 flash hider.  The choice is yours.

The Super Duty upper also includes the DDC Airborne Charging Handle.  The Mk16 rail is unique to this upper, as it has the dovetail fit to the upper.  This is not a standard Geissele Mk16 rail, nor is the upper a standard Geissele upper.  The two are meant to be used as one system.

Note:  Geissele has, over the years, used a number of forgings for their upper receivers, as well as a number of different flash hiders.  This particular forging in 2020 is either Brass Aluminum or Mueller forging.  No matter the forging, Geissele is testing each upper receiver for functionality and blemishes before putting a passing grade on the upper receiver.  Don't get hung up in the super details.  Trust the gun maker to make the right sourcing decisions.  We do.

The Super Duty Complete Upper from Geissele Automatics offers unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability.

More on your choices of muzzle devices

A note on the availability of muzzle devices.  Surefire has experienced some backlogs in many of its more popular muzzle devices, so it is possible that you choice of muzzle device might not be currently available.  The WarComp family and the 3-Prong flash hider have been extremely popular, and supply has been limited at times.  Keep this in mind when ordering.  The milspec A2 flash hider is easily removed, should you wish to change later.  Surefire muzzle devices are installed with Rocksett, and while not permanent, removing them may require special skills and special tools. 

The Nanocoated Surefire SOCOM Close Tine muzzle device with the REBCG option is Geissele factory installed.  All other muzzle devices are custom installed by Charlie's trained armorers.  Charlie's is a Surefire OEM assembler, meaning that we receive Surefire muzzle devices direct from the Surefire factory for use in the installation on upper receivers and rifles.

The Surefire Fast-Attach 4-Prong muzzle device is NOT COMPATIBLE with Surefire SOCOM suppressors, only with legacy FAST ATTACH suppressors.  This is only important if you think you might attach a suppressor, as the current model of suppressors commercial available are the SOCOM suppressors.  If you have no intention of using this upper suppressed, or live in an oppressed state that does not allow suppressors, the 4-Prong is a very popular option.

Note:  Your upper receiver group may ship in a Geissele factory box for a stripped upper receiver, as Charlie's receives the stripped upper receivers, which is the entire upper receiver group, less flash hider, BCG and charging handle, and Charlie's customizes your complete upper receiver group based upon your choices. 

Note:  DDC color can appear from tan to beige to green in pictures.  Actual colors do vary quite a bit, but for some reason, pictures accentuate the differences.

Note:  If you choose an A2 flash hider, it is standard length, NOT expended length.

Pics courtesy of Geissele, Potomac Armory and Charlies Custom Clones

Note:  Charlie's also offers the stripped upper here:  Geissele Super Duty 11.5" stripped Upper Receiver Group, factory new


LENGTH:  11.5"
COLOR:  Desert Dirt Color - Geissele DDC
RECEIVER:  Geissele Super Duty Upper w/ dovetail cut-out (only fits Geissele Mk16 dovetail rail)
BOLT CARRIER GROUP:        Geissele Contracted Mil-Spec Phosphated BCG or Geissele Nanoweapon Reliability Enhanced BCG 
BOLT:  HPI/MPI Carpenter Steel high impact bolt, either Mil-Spec of Geissele
RAIL:  10.5" SMR MK16 with receiver dove-tail
BARREL:  11.5" Geissele Barrel, CHF, Chrome Lined, 1-7 Twist.
GAS SYSTEM:  Carbine Length
GAS BLOCK:  Super Compact Gas Block
CHARGING HANDLE:  Airborne Charging Handle, Military Issue DDC

mil-spec A2 and Surefire:  SOCOM 3-Prong DLC; SOCOM Closed Tine DLC; Fast Attach 4-Prong DLC,

or; SOCOM Closed-Tine Warcomp,DLC Nanocaoted