Geissele ODG Federal Rail "Big Green Kit"

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Geissele ODG Federal Rail "Big Green Kit" including charging handle and buffer tube

a Charlie's exclusive for ODG and Geissele fans alike

Who does not like Geissele OD Green?  Now as a kit, get the Federal (FBI) 10" Mk4 rail with the milspec buffer tube assembly and the Government charging handle, all in one big green kit.  You know, at Charlie's Custom Clones, we have come to love the Geissele DDC color, but what could be more unique than the Geissele in OD Green?  While you are at it, get the coveted 10" Federal Mk4 FBI HRT rail, the Geissele mil-spec ODG forged and anodized buffer tube and hardware and the Government ODG charging handle.  Have some fun and build your rifle or pistol, and then share your pic with us.

All factory new, Geissele has sold one part here, one part there, and now Charlie's brings all things ODG to the #geisseleallthethings community.  Note:  This is a very limited offering


  • Geissele Mk4 OD Green 10" Federal rail, with barrel nut, attaching hardware and small allen wrench
  • Geissle Government Charging Handle for 5.56mm AR15 or M4 rifles and pistols in OD Green
  • Geissel milspec buffer tube with castle nut and endplate, in OD Green with Geissele laser etched name / logo