Cadex MX1 Micro Muzzle Brake for AR15, 1/2"-28 for .223/5.56 - Black

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Cadex MX1 Micro Muzzle Brake

1/2-28 Thread, Max Caliber .223/5.56

We love Cadex, but we really love this design, and the price.  If you're like us, you love the 'snake head' look of the muzzle break on those 50 BMG sniper rifles. Well now, you can have that same look on your favorite AR.

The Cadex MX1 mini muzzle brake is designed to deflect the muzzle blast away from the shooter and his spotter.  Gases exit sideways and upwards to reduce felt recoil, dust cloud and improve rifle control.  It will soften your 5.56 recoil like it was a .22 LR (well, maybe not that much but it will look cool as s**t).

Cadex has long been a leader in muzzle brakes for the large caliber shooter.  Now, Cadex brings us the AR15 / M4 / M15 muzzle break, in its new (for 2021) Micro MX1.


Thread Pitch:  1/2" x 28

Crafted from 416 Stainless Steel

Dimensions:  2.42" x 1.20" x 1.06"

Weight:  4.5 oz

Part#: 3850-432-BLK