Arken EPL4 4-16x44 FFP Mil VHR ret. Illum.

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arken-logo.png    Arken Optics EPL4 4-16x44 FFP riflescope MIL VHR reticle, Illuminated

The lighter weight Arken precision scope with 30mm tube and Zero Stop

Refined from the original EP4, this scope provides all the performs with a lighter weight platformed, aimed at hunters and those who carry their rifles long distances.  The EPL4L has a low price tag, but is more at home with scopes 2x and 3x the price.  Mike Riley, the designer of the scope and US Navy SEAL sniper team member, took his experience in combat to design a sniper style rifle scope that would be affordable enough for the average shooter.  Mike and his team took that challenge on, and in creating Arken Optics took the best glass available, had it polished like high-end scopes and put the right number of coatings on the lens to make the optical quality very good, while not seeking to spend two or three times as much, and then made the scope affordable.  Coupling this forward-thinking design, the Arken team added a reticle that allows for both dial-in and hold-overs in the form of a clean Mil reticle, the VHR.

The EPL (EP Light) is Arken's Lightweight Hunter version of the EP (Extreme Precision) series. The refined Hunter is built on a streamline 30mm main tube to reduce overall weight with Arken's toolless, easy to operate capped windage turret that lets you set and forget, with an added bonus of a FFP (first focal plane) reticle. The Arken Japanese ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion) and VHR (Variable Hunter Reticle) combine to provide astonishing optical performance, making this a pleasure for users of all skill levels and disciplines.  Arken believes that You'll experience stunning clarity and brightness that will make targeting easier than ever before.

The MilRAD reticle is becoming the new normal, taken from military snipers, and easy to learn and to range-find, and the reticle is very clean.

Key Features

  • hybrid precision and hunting scope
  • First Focal Plane
  • Large Heavy Duty Turrets
  • Zero Stop Turret
  • ED Lightweight glass - made in Japan
  • Clean LHR reticle
  • Rugged Construction
  • Dial-in Parallax
  • Audible Turret Clicks
  • 30mm Tube
  • 25 Mils of Elevation Travel
  • Lifetime Warranty

Unparalleled Precision in Lightweight Design

Experience the thrill of hunting and precision shooting like never before with the Arken Optics EPL4 4-16x44 FFP riflescope. This impeccable hybrid scope is a game-changer for outdoorsmen and target enthusiasts alike. It cleverly combines the finesse of a hunting scope with the razor-sharp accuracy of a precision scope, all while maintaining a lightweight form. Crafted on a streamlined 30mm main tube, the EPL4 weighs in at only 24 ounces, ensuring minimal burden on your journey through the wilderness or on the shooting range.

Astonishing Optics, Easy Adjustments

Arken's EPL4 riflescope sets a new benchmark in optical performance, thanks to its Japanese ELD glass and VHR reticle. The MIL VHR reticle, inspired by military snipers, makes range-finding a breeze and ensures a clutter-free view. The scope also features Arken's intuitive, toolless capped windage turret, letting you make easy adjustments on the fly and hold your settings securely.  

EPL4 offers extreme precision and dependable repeatability.  The AZS Zero Stop System and turret adjustments (0.1 MRAD) allow you to track your target with precision every time, and you won't have to worry about losing zero. Plus, the side parallax adjustments and 10-yard-infinity parallax correction provide you with even more precision for long-range shooting.

Durability Meets Flexibility

Built to last, the Arken EPL4 riflescope boasts a rugged construction that can endure the most challenging environments. It offers a generous 25 mils of elevation travel and features a dial-in parallax and audible turret clicks for user-friendly adjustments. What's more, this scope stands toe-to-toe with high-end alternatives like the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Nightforce SHV, but at a much more accessible price point.

Why would I buy the EPL-4 over other Arken optics?

This is really the best question.  Arken offers four models of scopes:

  • EP4:  One of the earlier models, the EP4 features a 4x magnification and ED glass from Japan and 50mm objective lens.  The ED glass makes for a slightly better image, but there is no illumination.
  • EPL-4: The EP4 line, now made lighter.  Still 4x magnification with ED glass from Japan.  Now with 30mm tube and illumination.  The lighter scope is sure to be win for lighter weight applications.
  • SH4:  Tough as nails, and a scope that people look at twice.  34mm tube and 50mm objective lens and using some of the best HD glass from China.  In side by side demonstrations, it is very hard to tell the difference in optical quality between other Arken offerings, but Arken has found ways to cut costs to make this the most affordable high performance scope, and turrets with 8 Mils per rotation
  • EP5:  Top of the line from Arken, offering 5x magnification, ED Japanese lenses and a 56mm objective lens.  The turrets have a 10mil per rotation, making them easier to compute on the fly.

So, why choose the EPL-4?  For those looking for a combination of precision shooting and hunting, the EPL-4 in MIL is a good choice.  Coming in at only 24 ounces, this makes a big difference when hiking out to a target.  The 30mm tube loses a little elevation travel, but this can be accomplished with a canted scope mount for very long range shooting.  This mid-magnifaction range scope is perfect for hunting, where long range is seldom needed, and the compact 44 mm objective lens keeps and 24 ounce weight makes for a very low-profile scope, which is also great for tactical and bench rest shooting with target distances in the 100 to 600 yard range.

The EPL-4 compares in quality to other names like Vortex Strike Eagle and Viper, as well as Nightforce SHV and Leupold VX3, at a much lower price point.


Magnification: 4-16x
Objective Diameter: 44 mm
Eye Relief: 3.6 inches
Field of View: 30 to 7.5 ft @100 Yards
Tube Size: 30 mm
Turret Adjustment: 0.1 MilRAD
Reticle Position: First Focal Plane
Reticle Details: VHR MIL
Zero Stop: AZS Zero Stop System
Zero Reset: Yes
Elevation Adj. Range: 25 MilRAD
Zero Reset: YES
Windage Adj. Range: 12 MilRAD
Adjustment Per Revolution: 8 MilRAD
Parallax: Side Parallax Adjustment 10Yds – Infinity
Illuminated Reticle Color: Red
Turret Rotation: Counterclockwise (CCW)
Length: 13.2 inches
Color: Matte Black
Weight: 24.1 oz
Sunshade:  Yes
Battery included: CR2032


VHR Illuminated Reticle



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