Micro Dot Riser - Absolute Co-Witness

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Product Type: Scope Mount

Product Description

Micro Dot Riser - Absolute Co-Witness

This is a basic, anodized aluminum hex-screw riser.  Great quality, good warranty.  From our friends at Primary Arms.

The Primary Arms Absolute Cowitness Micro Dot Riser allows for an absolute cowitness on AR15 and similar platforms when combined with any Primary Arms Micro Dot, as well as many other standard Micro dot designs. When looking down the iron sights, the red dot will be placed in the middle of the Micro dot’s scope tube. The light weight design, constructed of anodized aluminum, is easy to install. The riser features a 3-year limited warranty.

Primary Arms
Mount Height
Absolute - 1.50 in
Optic Type
Aimpoint Micro T1/H1 Compatible