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From Will M. in Katy, TX: Proudly served in the Marines and wanted to show-off his Mk18 Mod1, which is a copy of the service rifle he had in the USMC. What a beauty.
"Yup the 10.3 I bought from you will be going on it."

Semper Fi, Will! Thanks for the pic, and thank you for your service.

USMC Mk18 Mod1 service rifle from Will M. in Katy, TX for Charlie's Custom Clones



From 1st Sgt Brett M., USMC (Retired), Zachary, Louisiana: "I wanted to say thanks again. Well done! Couldn't be happier, and she shoots great."
1st Sgt Brett assembled an M4 Block 1 clone from an upper receiver group he purchased from Charlie's. "...what I carried on numerous deployments to Iraq."

Yes, 1st Sgt!!!  Thanks for your service, Brett.

From 1st Sgt Brett M., USMC (Retired), M4A1 Block 1 clone in the customer gallery at Charlies Custom Clones


From Mike H. in Temecula, CA: "Thanks to Charlie's Clones. Every single item (A LOT, BTW), has been EXACTLY as described. Charlie’s makes the clone “scavenger hunt” wayyyy too easy."  Mike is so kind as to give us pics of his amazing MK18 with the EOTECH and magnifier and Surfire weaponslight and a great M4A1 Block 2 build.  Notice the attention to detail with the LMT SOPMOD Gen1 stock.  These are very popular clone builds, and wow, love the sticker son the right mag well.  Look what Mike has.  Thanks.


Mk18 Mod1 at customer gallery at Charlie's Custom Clones

Mike's Mk18 Mod1.

M4A1 clone at Charlie's Custom Clone's gallery

Mike's M4A1 Block 2


From Michael M. in Dover, NH: "It was great working on this project with John. He was very knowledgeable and took the time and energy to assist in an accurate clone build."  Mike posts a pic of his USMC M4A1 clone, complete with an ACOG and a sharp looking coyote Vicker's sling.  We are posting two pics -- one with the black KAC rail covers and one with Taupe or Tan covers and a USMC bayonet.  Mike purchased his upper from Charlie's and is looking forward to buying an M4A1 roll-marked lower at Charlie's Custom Clones.  Thanks, Mike, for sharing.

USMC M4A1 clone with AGOG and full Colt pinned upper at customer gallery at Charlie's Custom Clones

Mike in Dover, NH presents his USMC M4A1 clone with bayonet and taupe KAC covers at the Customer Gallery at Charlie's Custom Clones