Otter Creek SPR flash hider for OCM5 and AEM5 suppressors

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Otter Creek "Ops Inc. #12" Flash Hider

this is the flash hider mount for any Otter Creek / Allen Engineering Suppressor that is direct threaded, like the Mk12 AEM-5 and OCM-5

Allen Engineering has had a great brake for the Ops Inc #12 style suppressor for decades.  Now, in 2021, Otter Creek Labs, from Kentucky, has created a birdcage style flash suppressor that also acts as a mount for their OCM5 and the Allen Engineering AEM5 suppressors.  Designed to long enough to be pinned for a shorter barrel, the OCL flash hider is made from 17-4 stainless steel, H900 heat treated, and then nitride finished professionally to give a great look and enduring and effective use.  OCL has also provided wrench flats for installation.  A crush washer or spacers are recommended for installation, and are not included.

The boys from Kentucky have shown some great innovation, and you can use this with your Mk12 rifle, or a NSW RECCE, or create your own short barreled 14.5" rifle and attach an OCM5 and have at it.  Good on them for the pin and weld drill hole.


  • Material:  H900 hardened 17-4 stainless 
  • finish:  QPQ nitride finished
  • thread:  1/2" - 28 (for 5.56mm rifles)
  • external threads:  fit AEM5 and OCM5 suppressor internal threads
  • other hardware:  non-included, but required is a collar for the barrel, exactly measured and placed to secure suppressor