Mk18 Upper Receiver Group Geissele CQBR URGI Near Clone - BLEM

Limited availability - we do not plan to buy blems. Assembled to order, allow 3 to 5 weeks.

Mk18 URGI Geissele CQBR 10.3" Mk18 Upper Receiver Group


Near Clone blem - Colt barrel - Count Blemula special

Released originally in 2018 by Geissele, and now Charlie's brings you a 2021 version with slightly different parts. UPPER RECEIVER GROUP ONLY

Charlie's worked closely with Geissele back in 2018 to bring you what you are looking for, then Geissele pulled back from the URGI market to focus on Super Duty, and while they do have the 10.3" URGI on their Website, it has been a long time since they last shipped one.  But, that is where we come in.

We have taken the same Geissele DDC Mk16 rail and paired it with the same mil-spec tier-1 military contract upper receiver that Geissele originally used, as well as the same military contract BCG in phosphated steel, then added a Colt barrel and kept the famous Geissele nitrided gas block, with set screws and drilled in place with Geissele stainless coiled roll pin - bomb-proof installation, and added a Warcomp 3-prong flash hider -- just because we want you to shoot and make some noise !!  If the Warcomp is too much action for this short barreled upper, let us know, and we can install a Surefire Fast Attach 4-prong 215-A flash hider. We give the URGI 10.3" Mk18 upper an added umph with the Geissele military grade black Airborne charging handle.

Note:  this item is a Count Blemula special.  the Mk16 rail is a blem, although we cannot find a blemish.  All other components are factory new.

 Features and specifications


High Quality Forged Mil-Spec Upper Receiver, 7075 hard coat anodized black with engraved T-marks and M4 feed ramp.


Surefire SOCOM Warcomp 3-prong standard.  Alternatives are:  standard A2 flash hider or Surefire Fast Attach 4-prong 215-A.  Note:  The Warcomp accepts the SOCOM series of suppressors, and the 4-prong 215-A accepts the previous generation of "Fast Attach" suppressors.


Colt 10.3" CMV 4150 chrome-lined Government profile mil spec phosphated barrel.  1:7 twist with 5.56 NATO chambering, just like all military barrels.  This is what is known as a "Crane cut barrel."  Just like the original Mk18 barrels, this barrel was cut-down and gas port enlarged to 0.070", and the front sight base was removed and the Geissele gas block installed.  The FSB pin grooves have been chemically treated and blacked to avoid corrosion


Carbine with Colt 


Geissele low-profile black oxide, pinned to barrel


SMR MK16, NSN or Geissele stamped, DDC - Count Blemula blemished rail with the Count's magic mark on the underside.


URG-I Airborne black (military version).  Note:  Pictures show a DDC charging handle.  If you want a DDC, just ask us.  There is a small up-charge.  We are trying to balance cost, performance and great components.

BOLT CARRIER GROUP                                     

Geissele contracted Tier 1 mil-spec phosphated and chrome lined BCG


5.56 mm


If installed to a lower receiver with a stock, this will be an SBR, subject to NFA registration.  If you are building a pistol, check the laws at the time you purchase to see if that is subject to NFA registration.  At the time of this publication in 2021, it was not.

Some options that Charlie's recommends with this rifle:

Note:  if you select WarComp, we time this as neutral (ports pointed up).  If you want it timed to the starboard side, please make sure to put that in the comments.  Both are correct.  Our gunsmiths prefer ports timed up.

NFA warning:  The Stripped URGI upper receiver group without the pinned flash hider does not meet the 16" minimum barrel length requirement, and requires registration and a tax stamp with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) when assembled into a complete rifle.  Please make sure you fully understand NFA and local laws.