Mk12 Mod0 Forearm Gen II BLACK Carbon Fiber Rifle length from Precision Reflex (PRI)

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Precision Reflex (PRI) Gen II Rifle Length Carbon Fiber Forearm

This is the Original Design for the Mk12 Mod 0 - Black

Gen II Rifle Length forearm in Black finish, Designed for the Original Mark 12 Mod 0.  The Gen II Rifle length forearm is a combination of anodized hard coated aluminum and carbon fiber that creates the look of the original mark 12 Mod 0 rifle.  The forearm is 12 1/2" in length and has an 8.5" rail on the top with 2 stainless steel lugs used to secure SPR top rail to forearm.  It also has 3 3" rails at 3,6, and 9 O clock positions.  
Charlie's Custom Clones specializes in military correct "clone" rifles and components.  A clone is not a fake, but as real as it gets.  PRI is as real as it gets, and what they do, they do well, and that is produce the components for the original Mk12 Mod 0 SPR.  The Gen II is the correct rail or handguard or forearm for the Mod 0 SPR, although later in the program the Mk12 riles also featured the Mod III upper forearm by Precision Reflex.  The Gen 3 upper has a larger barrel nut, which changes the upper "Swan Rail."  Both are correct.  We just love the original.
Model:  Gen II Mk12 Mod0 rifle length forearm
Color:   Black
Length:  12.6"
Weight:  16.5 oz
Material:  carbon fiber and anodized aluminum
Manufacturer's Model number:  05-073-G2B