Mk12 Holland 16" barrel kit for Mod H in FDE

may have in-stock or special order, plan on 4 to 6 weeks

Mk12 16" barrel kit for Mod H / Mod Holland rifles in FDE

Ready to install barrel, gas block and Ops, Inc. brake and collar

Charlie's has done the research for you and short-listed the barrels that will work with a Holland build.  If you are looking for an FDE barrel, this barrel, which is Bergara stainless, and correctly profiled for your Holland build.  Bergara makes a great barrel, and comes to you at an attractive price-point.  

The ModH Mk12 rifles were originally outfitted with Douglas barrels, like the Mod0 and Mod1 SPR.  Douglas is technically more correct for a Holland build, but the difference in actual use is negligible.  Yes, we are barrel snobs, but what we have found is that our customers tend to want a slightly more affordable build with the Holland.  The military correct clone purists tend to buy the Mod 0 or Mod 1 SPR rifle.  We see a lot of creativity when it comes to the 16" Holland build, so we have chosen the Bergara barrel, with the correct profile for the AEM5 suppressor. 

Yes, this is one of the very few barrels on the market that will correctly mount an Allen Engineering / Ops Inc. suppressor.  There are bigger brand name barrels that have 16" Mk12 barrels, but we found that most all will not also mount the AEM-5 suppressor correctly.  This barrel will.

We have included the AEM5 collar and brake kit, in small size collar, so this will fit on the barrel and also fit the Ops Inc #12 / Allen #5 suppressor.

Specs / Included

  • Bergara stainless barrel in 5.56 NATO 1:8 twist with proper AEM profile, Cerakoted in FDE
  • Allen Engineering AEM5 short collar kit, to include collar, brake and spacer and shims

Note:  We did not include a gas block or barrel nut.  You must install the barrel nut that is specific to your handguard or rail first.  And then install the gas block, and then the collar, and then time and mount the brake.  This is a DIY kit, but you might also want an armorer or gunsmith to help you, depending upon your skill.  There is a certain amount of skill and patience needed to properly time the brake.